Letters to the Editor: Damien Gilliams’ Owed Taxes, Pamela Parris ‘Hacking’ Claim

Letters to the Editor in Sebastian, Florida.
Letters to the Editor in Sebastian, Florida.

A Prejudicial Newspaper?
Re: Damien Gilliams

I am a resident of Sebastian, a voter and a reader of your online news.

I’m getting sick and tired of your rants against the newly elected council people that were voted in. That article about Damien Gilliams and his debts are prejudicial and unnecessary to publish in this venue. This also goes for a certain council member that took it upon himself to post an arrest sheet on Mr Gilliams in Facebook. That was disgusting. I take it someone involved in your paper must either be an ex council person or you’re just plain foolish.

If this continues, you will be going down the same path as the New York Times…..losing subscribers.

Linda Dugre
Sebastian, FL

Hi Sebastian Daily,
Re: Damien Gilliams

I knew this guy was going to be trouble from the get-go. Looks like he also has a collaborator on the city council.

Please, for the sake of the public, keep an eye on these two until we can vote them out of office.

Ed H.

I simply do not understand how Ms. Pamela Parris can attack Sebastian Daily as hacking her Facebook account and threaten legal action when she clearly stated to WPTV television reporter, Matt Sczesny, that “her words” were not meant to be harmful and ‘the point she was trying to make…’ – if she did not make the post, why would she speak to a news outlet about what ‘she’ said or defend her position???

One cannot simply back peddle and blame others for the poor choice of words. Ms. Parris should take accountability for her words and subsequent actions. She should apologize to the community for her thoughtless comments and, given her fevered opinions, resign from the City Council as she clearly cannot be objective. Her position on the council is to represent the very same community she herself trashed!

Link to WPTV interview:
Sebastian councilwoman: ‘Fat and obese’ post wasn’t insult

Kathleen Preston

Hello Sebastian Daily!

I wonder how the residents of Sebastian would refer to “most” of the current city council members if a new sign were to be made? Perhaps someone will “hack” the existing sign in the photo above and create a new one with more appropriate descriptions?

  • “A city where police brutality is applauded by its city council members.”
  • “A city where social media pages are hacked, hijacked and fabricated.”
  • “A city where the lies from city council members ripple like the river”

Make a contest out of it, and proceeds can go to the Sebastian Police Department to purchase a new lie detector! Maybe you can be the first to prove that you didn’t hack the FB account!

Have a great weekend and keep keeping us informed.

Julie Sharkey-Villars

Can’t believe those people got in. No way did you hack that lady’s (Pamela Parris) Facebook.

You do an honest job all the time. We will have to get rid of them.

Deb Johnson

I was disgusted and appalled at the way the Sebastian Police Officer was treated at the last city council meeting.

In the city of Sebastian, we should support and defend our officers and not criminals who attack them.

This is not New York City!!!

Jeff Kracht

What a city council we have! Shameful to say the least. At least a couple of them need to resign so the black cloud hanging over the council goes away.

Maybe Pamela Parris can pull some strings and get his tax debt reduced or removed! I don’t trust either one of them and don’t like them representing us and our city!!!

Fred Yerkey

It very upsetting to hear how the new appointed members handled that reinstatement.

With no consideration for our local officers. I am glad to hear the chief of police speak up.

The residents of Sebastian need a council with better respect.

Thank you,

Sissy Irwin

Re: Pamela Parris

I read with interest the issues related to this woman’s ill-advised social media post.

Speaking as someone who carries extra pounds, I agree she is correct in that we do need to exercise (maybe in the yard) more.

But, she is of a generation that should know better about the permanence of social media posts. There is no excuse for her mean tone, and the stupidity of posting what she did on a public social media site.

However, I remind your readers that they should get just as outraged about the similar lies, attacks, ignorance of facts, meanness, and overall nasty tone of the social media posts of a certain high level politician in Washington DC.

Demand his resignation as well, by your vote in Nov, 2020.

Don’t be a hypocrite by allowing him 4 more years of embarrassing the country and demeaning American citizens on the world stage.

Laurie Vernam

Dear Sebastian Daily,

Is there any way to recall (or otherwise remove) elected officials from the city council?

Bedea, Gilliams, Parris…something needs to be done to restore sanity to Sebastian.

Thanks for all you do and Merry Christmas.

Carpe Diem,

Jim Bishop

Can you please explain the “bidding process” that Damien Gilliams says he uses? Sounds like he is using my tax dollars to fund his investments.

Doesn’t sound like the right thing our town leaders should be doing.

Peter Tortorello

How surprising that one of the most trashy bars in town … owes back taxes.

P.A. Stovall

Re: Pamela Parris

Different from part-time residents of Sebastian. I have been a full-time resident since Christ was a Corporal. Lifetime resident here states Sebastian is a simple community.

We full-time residents prefer to stay out of the drama of politics.

However, when there is one or a few elected individuals who insist on putting a bad name or creating a non-hometown environment here, I must speak up.

I feel that if an elected person cannot speak for the greater good of the hometown feel of Sebastian, than said elected person should “SHUT UP.”

If said person cannot shut up than resign, you are not the right person for this position.

We here are of a quiet, non-drama city. We do not want to attract attention. We true Sebastian’s prefer a non-destructive council. We do prefer a council who lives by the true meaning “small hometown atmosphere” where town folk get together for holidays, gatherings, or even simple events in the park.

Forever small town enthusiast,


I was one of the small number of voters who voted in the last election for Sebastian City Council. I did not vote for Pamela Parris. My sole reason for disqualifying her was that the photo she placed at the table at a meet and greet at the North Indian River County Public Library did not appear to be a current photo. I was unsure how outdated the photo was, or if it may have been a photo of her daughter. The photo looked nothing like the person at the speaker table who identified herself as being Pamela Parris.

I was also surprised to see that her Facebook profile photo didn’t match reality.

It’s no surprise to me that Pamela Parris uses body-shaming language and considers it appropriate language for her to use as an official government representative of the citizens of Sebastian, FL.

I was born in Manhattan, NY. I guess that makes me a carpetbagger Yankee. I’m a service-connected hearing-impaired Vietnam-Era Veteran of the United States Marine Corps. I don’t feel welcome in Sebastian, especially when Pamela Parris makes it known that I’m exactly who she does not welcome.

The weight machine in Wal-Mart keeps telling me that my BMI is 25.2. That makes me overweight by .2 pound. If I could take off my clothes, I could get rid of the extra .2 pound. That would make me be free of Pamela Parris’s judgment of my being fat.

Respectfully Submitted,

Joanne Rein

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