About Us

Sebastian Daily is your newspaper and definitive source for all information regarding Sebastian, Florida. This includes the latest news, events, local attractions, community happenings, lifestyle, and more, ensuring you stay well-informed about everything happening in and around Sebastian.

As a highly reputable news organization, we have garnered a loyal readership, surpassing any other local publication in Indian River County. Our coverage extends to Sebastian, Fellsmere, Micco, Vero Beach, and all the areas along the St. Sebastian River.

In today’s digital age, the majority of people turn to electronic devices for their news consumption, and we cater to this preference by delivering our content through our user-friendly website. So whether you’re using a tablet, mobile phone, or personal computer, you can access and enjoy our comprehensive news coverage.

With nearly two decades of experience in the industry, we have a rich history of delivering news to our readers. Initially launching under a different name in 2006, we shifted our focus to local news in 2015 and rebranded as Sebastian Daily. Our commitment to proximity drives us to engage our readers with stories that matter within our community.

At Sebastian Daily, we take pride in our non-biased reporting and strive to provide a platform that keeps readers informed without pushing any specific agenda. Our dedicated news team is motivated to cover hometown news and foster an atmosphere of trust.

We have a deep affection for Sebastian and the neighboring towns. Our unwavering dedication is reflected in the excellence of our news stories, and we actively encourage our readers to share their ideas and perspectives. Integrity and trust form the bedrock of our reporting.

Located just a stone’s throw away from the Sebastian Inlet, we provide accurate weather updates, boating tips, fishing information, and other news relevant to our coastal region. While our website remains the preferred medium for most readers, we also distribute our news through social media platforms like FacebookInstagramTwitter, and YouTube, as well as our informative newsletter.

Over the years, our reporting has proven invaluable during critical times. For example, in 2017, during Hurricane Matthew, the community trusted our news coverage. As the only media outlet filming live after the hurricane, we reassured those who had evacuated, showing the minimal impact on our area and the prompt reopening of roads.

Furthermore, when the Red Tide phenomenon hit our beaches in 2018, Sebastian Daily was at the forefront. We were the first media outlet to capture live footage in Vero Beach as Red Tide encroached upon the Sebastian Inlet. For approximately ten days, our staff diligently visited the beaches, delivering honest and accurate reports on the situation.

We informed residents about the Red Tide situation in the Indian River Lagoon, where we reported that no fish or wildlife had suffered any casualties. Our accurate prediction of the beaches reopening within 24 hours further demonstrated our commitment to providing reliable information. 

It is worth mentioning that our news coverage received recognition and was even featured on CNN, amplifying the reach of our reporting.

Sebastian Daily holds a steadfast belief in the indispensable role of local journalism in keeping our community well-informed. We highly value our work and find great fulfillment in delivering news that holds profound meaning for the beloved community of Sebastian, Florida.

Sebastian Daily is proudly owned by Sebastian Daily, LLC, committed to delivering quality news for years to come.

Our Staff

Andy Hodges

Andy Hodges – Editor in Chief

Andy Hodges was born in Annapolis, Maryland, and raised in Jupiter, Florida. He has been in radio and television since the mid-1980s. Andy has worked for WFLX-TV (FOX 29), WIRK, WLIZ, WIXI, WKSY, WRMF, and others. In 2002, he permanently moved back to Sebastian, where Andy’s family has lived for nearly 50 years. After some time away from broadcasting, he returned in 2005 to work for a news outlet that would eventually change its name to Sebastian Daily. In 2016, he became the editor-in-chief.

Ted Kwarchak

Ted Kwarchak – Photographer

Ted Kwarchak was born in Georgia. In 1968, he graduated high school in Merrit Island, Florida. He then completed anesthesia training in Columbia, South Carolina, and began a career in 1976 working for an anesthesia group that services hospitals in Sebastian, Vero Beach, and Fort Pierce. Kwarchak retired in 2016 and lives in Sebastian with his wife Mary Sue. They just celebrated their 47th wedding anniversary, and have two children and three grandchildren in the area. Kwarchak held a U.S. Coast Guard Captain’s license for ten years and enjoyed offshore and inshore fishing. He also obtained an FCC advance radio operator’s license for his amateur radio hobby. Being retired and having grandchildren played a big part in renewing his interest in photography. Kwarchak joined our team in 2020.

Jim Hill

Jim Hill – Contributor

Jim Hill is our political analyst for local politics. He retired from public service in 2022 after serving the Sebastian City Council for more than 20 years. During his time on City Council, he served as a member of the Indian River County Elected Officials Oversight Committee for School Concurrency, Indian River County Tourist Development Council, Indian River County Beach and Shores Preservation Committee, Treasure Coast Regional Planning Council, and Metropolitan Planning Organization and met with the members of the other Indian River County municipalities on a regular basis on issues affecting all of them.

Aaron Snyder

Aaron Snyder – Contributor

I am a passionate outdoorsman who fell in love with fishing at a very young age. Born and raised in a small town in southern New Jersey, I spent much of my childhood exploring the lakes and streams in my local area, honing my fishing skills, and developing a deep appreciation for nature. Seven years ago, I moved to Florida to be closer to the water and immerse myself in everything the outdoors had to offer. Since then, I have become very close to becoming a certified captain and have spent countless hours on the water, sharing my love of fishing with others and helping them develop their own skills. Along the way, I’ve been fortunate enough to have the support of sponsors like X-TREME BAIT TANKS and EXTREME FLIP ROCKS FLIP FLOPS, who have helped me to continue pursuing my passion for fishing and the outdoors. With their support, I have been able to explore new waters and take on new challenges, always pushing myself to be the best angler and outdoor enthusiast I can be.

Arlo Guthrie

Arlo Guthrie – Contributor

Arlo Guthrie is an American retired legendary singer and songwriter. He is known for singing songs of protest against social injustice, and storytelling while performing songs, following the tradition of his father Woody Guthrie. Guthrie’s best-known work is his debut piece, “Alice’s Restaurant Massacree,” a satirical talking blues song about 18 minutes in length that has since become a Thanksgiving anthem. His best hit was a cover of Steve Goodman’s “City of New Orleans.”

Brian LaPersonerie

Brian LaPersonerie – Photographer/Food Critic

Born and raised around New York’s diverse culture and cuisine, it’s no surprise that Brian inherited a palate for great food. His background – German, Welsh, English, French, Irish and even Sicilian – has exposed him to all styles of cooking; whether at holiday gatherings or from his talented mom in their family kitchen. Brian says, “we eat with our eyes first” so capturing and presenting the deep colors of food is an art and an important part of Brian’s reviews. Being a life-long foodie, with experience in and out of the kitchen has taught Brian the more technical parts of cooking and hospitality. But in theory, he’s just a regular person, like you and I, who loves food and wants to help further your culinary adventures!

Tina Hodges

Tina Hodges – VP of Marketing

Tina Hodges is a Sebastian native. After graduating from Sebastian River High School, she studied Business Management & Marketing at Indian River State College. Tina worked for Dooney & Bourke for many years before she became our VP of Sales & Marketing & Journalist. Tina joined Sebastian Daily in 2016.

Joy Nottage

Joy Nottage – Health & Fitness Expert

Joy Nottage is a certified personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist. Joy teaches group fitness classes at Sebastian Gym and coaches clients in healthy eating and exercise programs both in-person and online. Joy’s articles include tips for a healthy lifestyle!

Roy Garton

Roy Garton – Contributor

Roy Garton is the owner of FDMC Media. He is also an actor who has played in several movies. Roy is also a broadcaster and journalist. As a television news journalist in a very popular resort area, Roy has had the opportunity to cover Statesmen, Presidents, and Russian Diplomats as they passed through the area on political missions. He has also worked with the White House Press Corps.

Roy left Wyoming in 1992 and moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma again working in television before settling down in Florida where lives in Palm Bay and is married to former Sebastian resident Mary Myers-Garton. He continues to act in films and television.

Jennifer Balakrishnan

Jennifer Balakrishnan – Reporter

Jennifer Balakrishnan lives in Vero Beach, Florida. She moved to Indian River County when she was 6-years-old. Jennifer earned a bachelor’s degree at Florida State University. She writes our crime stories and is one of our food/restaurant critics.

Peter Bissonnette

Peter Bissonnette – Contributor

CDR Peter Bissonnette, US Navy (Ret) is the Senior Naval Science Instructor at Sebastian River High School’s Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (NJROTC). He is a 1998 graduate of Sebastian River High School and a 2002 graduate of the United States Naval Academy. He served 20 years in the US Navy as a Naval Flight Officer and Human Resources Officer before returning to Sebastian to lead the NJROTC program at his Alma Mater.

Matthew Acosta

Matthew Acosta – Contributor

Matthew Acosta is a student at Sebastian River High School and a cadet in the Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps. He currently serves as the NJROTC Public Affairs Officer.