Letters to the Editor: Remove Councilwoman Pamela Parris Before She Creates More Damage

Sebastian City Councilwoman Pamela Parris.
Sebastian City Councilwoman Pamela Parris.

Ever since we published an article showing a public post made by Sebastian City Councilwoman Pamela Parris, she has gone out of her way to deny it. In other words, Parris claims that she never made the comments about “fat and obese” or our snowbirds as “carpetbagger Yankees” and then blamed it on the evil trash tabloids for doing their job.

We first found out about it from several angry residents who read the public post on her Facebook page (scroll through her timeline and you’ll see the original post). After publishing the post, in her own words from Facebook, she denied “saying it” or “writing it” or “that’s not what was said” without any other explanation. She claims Sebastian Daily is lying about the whole thing, even though the actual post is written by “Pamela Parris” on her Facebook.

Sebastian Daily would never lie about something like this, especially when it was our readers who brought this matter to our attention. They were shocked by her rant, her attitude, and believe that she is now just trying to cover it up. Parris also made the false allegation that we posted her comment on her Facebook page.

On Wednesday, she was confronted by local residents at the council meeting, which again, she denied ever posting or making the offensive comments. She told residents that none of it was true, even though it was still up on her Facebook page. A resident showed her the post, but again, she denied it on the public record (video).

In the above video at city council, Parris claims that Alan Nelson at Hometown News instructed her to file a lawsuit against Sebastian Daily. We spoke with Alan Nelson, and he said it’s false. Nelson said Parris is lying and that he would never instruct anyone to sue someone.

Parris also used the term “Yankee pickle” in the video to smokescreen what she actually said. It was her way to bring confusion. She lied through the entire statement in the video.

When she was interviewed by WPTV Channel 5 (watch the video of her on the top of the webpage) prior to last night’s city council meeting, she admitted to writing the post but said she didn’t mean to offend anyone. Parris said it wasn’t in her character to name call, even though it’s in the public rant that she posted on her Facebook page.

Parris then sent an email to Sebastian Daily, threatening legal action for posting her public posts in our news publication.

“I am first giving you the courtesy of this email Andy to cease and desist all of the lies your publishing in your tablet about me. My attorney advises it lays ground for slander lawsuit. I hope you can forgive yourself and have a very merry Christmas,” Parris wrote in the email.

A lot of residents are now asking Parris to resign from public office. We are still receiving emails from people who are upset and demand that she resign or be removed from office.

These are some of those emails.

Letters to the Editor for December 12, 2019.

As very new residents to Sebastian, my wife and I were shocked and disgusted by “Council Member” Pamela Parris’ recent tirade about “Yankee” “carpet baggers”. I am confident we were not alone in our reaction, nor are we alone in expecting Parris to be stripped of an undeserved title. A Council member should be a leader and role model in the community, not a divisive antagonist insulting local residents with playground antics… Don’t like the new kid? call him “fat.”

Sebastian is quickly evolving, and nobody can or should put that genie back in the bottle. It’s called capitalism and progress, and that is exactly what has driven the prosperity and expansion of this great nation since it’s founding. To resist that reality only hurts our community by attempting to stonewall and block the benefits of growth; more jobs, a larger tax base, stronger local businesses, improved schools, better investment in our fist responders, and much-needed funds to properly protect our natural resources.

I encourage all residents to speak up to quickly remove Parris as “Councilwoman.” In a single social media outburst, Parris showed her true character; she is toxic, xenophobic, and resorts to hurling insults at her own community rather than offering thoughtful solutions with dignity and kindness. To call people in your own town “fat”, “obese”, and “carpet baggers” is tasteless and demeaning. Not the behavior of a “Councilwoman”. And certainly not the behavior of an intelligent, mature adult.

Remove her before she creates more damage. Better yet, I may make a run at unseating the unhinged Parris myself.

Paul Bombaci Berman
A resident, early Bitcoin Loophole app user and investor in Sebastian and it’s future.

This is just getting “better” and “better.”

I stand behind Sebastian Daily as being an unbiased news source, and bringing attention to all local news, events and happenings.

For her to try to discredit the newspaper now, even though she PUBLICLY made those comments/post, is absolutely outrageous!

Her choice of words and context were just outright demeaning, degrading and just plain hurtful, to so many residents here in Sebastian.

If someone, anyone, is making such a callous public comment/post, especially in her holding position and title, be prepared to “own it” too! Don’t start to try to discredit a reputable newspaper, deflect, pass the “buck” and start the blame game, meanwhile all lying about and denying it too.

She sure showed her true character and what she is all about.

A sad day for Sebastian, when your own city council member is trying to discredit and “put down” their own residents and reputable news source!


Britta Burkard

Rarely do I feel compelled to write “a letter to the editor,” however, this is the exception.

Pamela Parris needs to step down, as soon as possible before any more damage is done.

Her mode of tactics and blatant prevarication is reminiscent of others in the public eye, distasteful to say the least.

It’s obvious she carries many grudges. This is NOT the kind of person we need on the council, representing us.

Carol Welsh

Please inform Ms. Parris that while we are from the north and also own a condo in Sebastian, her carpetbagger reference is dated by over 100 years. I can only speak for myself and friends and family that have come to enjoy Sebastian; we can certainly take our re$ources and put them to use in another community much more accepting than her obvious views.

Perhaps local business leaders that feel a crunch by having carpetbaggers spend elsewhere will alter her view when they decide to replace her with someone else.

Dan Wearsch R.Ph.
Canfield Pharmacy Care
Canfield, Ohio

So according to Pamela Parris, you are fake news and have concocted her Facebook post? Hard to believe.

You need to see her Facebook post trashing your paper and defend yourself with the facts.

Jamie Demetrion
Sebastian/Cape Cod
Florida resident

If it weren’t for us “Carpetbagger Yankees” this town would probably become a ghost town! Remember that!

We own a home here in Sebastian. We pay the same taxes as full-time Florida residents! Pamela is an insult to the council of Sebastian!

Some people are just plain rude.

Linda Neese

Absolutely disgusting comment. Shame on those who voted this into office.

Joy Artlip

As a disabled Vietnam vet, I have lived in Sebastian for the last 10 years, and yes, I am originally from Vermont. But for health reasons, we chose this area and that kind of MENTALLY is all that would keep us from ever wanting to live here.

Our money is green and we support the local community as often as possible.

Please Remove ANYONE who believes this Vile woman’s statements, and yes, her as well.


Dave Ravelin

Here’s the entire rant Pam Parris wrote on Facebook:

Screenshot of Pam Parris
Screenshot of Pam Parris

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