Best Restaurants in Sebastian, Florida

POLL: Best Restaurants in Sebastian, Florida.
POLL: Best Restaurants in Sebastian, Florida.

Our 2020 poll shows that Italian Cousin and Mo-Bay Grill are the Best Restaurants in Sebastian, Florida, according to Sebastian Daily Newsletter Subscribers.

We forgot to add Aunt Louise’s Pizzeria to our poll, so their followers voted in an email. We took their email address and made sure they were listed as a newsletter subscriber, then totaled up the email votes. We also made sure they didn’t already vote for another restaurant in the poll. Remember, these polls are only open to Newsletter Subscribers. They came in 8th place.

Best Restaurants in Sebastian, Florida:

  1. Italian Cousin
  2. Mo-Bay Grill
  3. Capt’n Butchers
  4. Wasabi
  5. Crab Stop of Sebastian
  6. Squid Lips
  7. Portside Pub & Grill
  8. Sebastian Roadside Restaurant
  9. Aunt Louise’s Pizzeria
  10. Sandy’s Grille
  11. Taste of Asia
  12. Las Palmas Cuban Restaurant
  13. Giuseppe’s Pizzeria
  14. Woody’s BBQ
  15. Vic’s Pizza Italian
  16. Blackfins at Capt. Hirams Resort
  17. Rib City in Grant
  18. Ay Jalisco’s Mexican
  19. The Old Fish House in Grant
  20. Mulligans Beach House
  21. Chubby Mullet
  22. Downtown Crossing
  23. RJ’s 2002 Restaurant
  24. JJ Mannings
  25. Ruby Tuesday
  26. Slack Tide in Grant
  27. Koji Japanese
  28. Mandarin Garden

The people of Sebastian love Italian and Jamaican cuisine. Third place is Capt’n Butchers, which became the seafood favorite. Wasabi came in fourth place, becoming the best restaurant for Japanese Thai Sushi.

This particular poll does not include bars, pubs, or diners. We will be doing more surveys in the future that contain them.

We will continue to do this public choice poll each year, so our readers can voice their opinions about who they feel are the Best Restaurants in Sebastian, Florida. These polls will help all Sebastian residence, new residences, snowbirds, and vacationers.

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