Hidden Sanctuary Village for Victims of Domestic Violence Coming Soon

Dan & Kelly Johnson of Hidden Sanctuary Village.
Dan & Kelly Johnson of Hidden Sanctuary Village.

Hidden Sanctuary Village Inc. is a faith-based non-profit corporation looking to give hope to victims of domestic violence in our area. They will be helping to stop violence and provide support for women, children, and their pets.

“Our vision is to open a 24-hour emergency shelter to house abused women, children, and their pets in order to get them out of harm’s way. We want to give them the tools they need to move forward and live a happy and safe life, stated Owners Dan & Kelly Johnson.

“We want to show them that their lives have value and let them know that they are loved, the Johnson’s added.

The couple is solely relying on donations and fundraising to make their vision come true. They will be needing:

  • Donations
  • Resources
  • Volunteers
  • Outreach
  • Support staff to volunteer their time and expertise
  • Marketing & Fundraising Professionals
  • Accountants
  • Lawyers & Advocates
  • Physicians
  • Vet Techs

“What we envision is to have a small village of 6 to 8 small homes that can accommodate up to 6 people in each home. Each home will be set up with beds, closets, dresser drawers, and a bathroom,” the Johnson’s stated.

There will be a building for an administrative team, an advocate station to answer the hotline calls and welcome incoming women, children, and pets, and a security room where staff can monitor the surveillance cameras.

The common area will include a kitchen/dining room, a stocked pantry, laundry room, a playroom for children, an open area for socializing, and a kennel to house pets.

Outside will have a fire pit, an outdoor pavilion with picnic tables and a grill, a playground, and a dog run. A privacy fence will go around the perimeter with a keypad entry gate to secure anyone staying in the village.

Hidden Sanctuary Village
Hidden Sanctuary Village

There will be a passenger van to transport those without their own transportation. A shelter for men will be built after the women’s shelter is operational. To protect the victims, the locations will be kept private.

They expected to begin fundraising as soon as their 501-c-3 is approved. It would be great if this community could come together and help make this much-needed charity a success.

We will keep you all updated on future fundraising events!

For more information, visit the Hidden Sanctuary Village Inc. Facebook page.

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