Letters to the Editor: Sebastian Pest Management, Rogue City Council Members

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor

Sebastian residents wrote in this week about the possibility of higher taxes to pay for new integrated pest management in our town. The city wants to use alternatives to spraying poisons.

We are still receiving daily letters about our city council, and we published a few today.

Will taxes increase for Integrated Pest Management in Sebastian?

Why all of a sudden is this a problem? Just keep doing as what was done previously or is someone looking for an excuse to raise taxes that are already too high. Corporations have eliminated pensions and benefits for employees and it is overdue in all government levels. We should be looking to lower taxes, just as President Trump has done and is doing.

Mac McLaughlin

Rogue City Council Members

Hi Sebastian Daily:

I have been following your reports of the foolish and sometimes clearly illegal shenanigans of several of our newly elected City Council members.

I urge you to continue your reporting of their behavior so that, should the law be broken often enough, they can be removed from office by the appropriate mechanisms and stop making Sebastian look like a two-horse town!

Keep up the good work.

Dr. Gerald D Rosebery

City Council

Sebastian Daily,

From other letters to the Editor, it’s clear that a number of voting residents are very upset and frustrated by Damien Gilliams and Pamela Parris.

Their actions have been more than embarrassing, and I’m hoping that if possible, good will come out of this, and more residents will get involved.

We have all read the long list of childish behavior from them as well as their lack of integrity or respect for our City, residents, and county.

Before these self-serving people do real damage, we need to find a way to control them and let them understand they are representing US.

I personally do not want someone having a say on what my taxes will be when he makes a career of ways to twist the law and not pay his taxes on time. I don’t want either of them to have a say in making policy for our City when neither one can even form a sentence correctly.

Now that we see what happens when only 18% of voters show up, my hope is now we can get involved and figure out how to correct this terrible mistake.

I for one don’t want less than 18% of the vote to speak for me. If they have acted like this in the few short weeks what will they do to our budget and our taxes when the time comes. With the attitude they have toward our police what will they do to their budget? We need to find a way to remove them.

I ask for them to resign.

Tracey Cole

“Foodie” Groups

To Whom It May Concern:

I’m writing in today in regards to some restaurant reviews I recently read on FB from certain “Foodie” groups in our area.

Now, first I’ll say I love you guys and the articles and reviews that you post. You are honest and fair, and that’s what I think our community wants. A real restaurant review should be anonymous and the pros listed along with the cons.

So I ask you and our community how these “Foodie” groups are doing real reviews when they announce their visit before going to the restaurant? This gives the restaurant an obvious advantage not only with the service you will receive but the quality and presentation of the dishes. I can certainly see right through their marketing agendas. Not to mention that each of these foodie groups reviews are always 100% positive.

These are not reviews, these are paid advertisements by the “Foodies.”


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