U-Pick Raspberry Pale Ale at Pareidolia Brewing Company

U-Pick Raspberry Pale Ale at Pareidolia Brewing Company in Sebastian, Florida.
U-Pick Raspberry Pale Ale at Pareidolia Brewing Company in Sebastian, Florida.

We tried a new beer on tap called U-Pick Raspberry Pale Ale at the Pareidolia Brewing Company in Sebastian and thought it was one of the best refreshing brews out there.

“We used 4 gallons of pure raspberry purée from Oregon Fruit blended with an American Pale Ale. The hop bitterness blends nicely with the sweetness of the raspberries,” Pareidolia owner Pete Anderson told Sebastian Daily.

Many people don’t like fruit in their beer, but brewmasters love to experiment with new recipes.

The U-Pick Raspberry is pretty popular right now at Pareidolia. You can smell the fresh raspberries the moment you pick up the glass. The hazy beer is hoppy but has a raspberry finish. As Anderson said, it blends nicely.

U-Pick Raspberry
U-Pick Raspberry

U-Pick raspberry can go well with Pareidolia’s pretzel bread with beer cheese and beer mustard.

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Sebastian is lucky to have two excellent breweries in town. The other brewery is Mash Monkeys Brewing Company in Sebastian. The owners Pat and Derek are always helpful.

Also, whenever it’s available on tap, Mash Monkeys carries a beer called Pink Cadillax. It’s cranberry and they call it a hard lemonade. As we stated before, most people don’t like fruit in their beers, but this one is also refreshing when it is available. We are also featuring another beer from Mash Monkeys later in the week.

The popularity of craft beer in our town is huge and still growing steadily since 2014, when the Pareidolia Brewing Company opened the first brewery in Sebastian.


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