Letters to the Editor for June 7, 2020

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor

Letters to the Editor for June 7, 2020.

Keep Up The Great Work!

Sebastian Daily,

I think you are doing a Fantastic Job on covering the issues in Sebastian! You are making a difference!

Keep up the Great Work! Thank you!


Mark Sturgill

Virus Cases

The way you report on cases is very misleading. The total # of cases will of course rise the more testing that is done. This is a false flag number since many people get sick and get better at home without being seen in a hospital.

So to say we have “spikes” is very misleading. The number of hospitalizations is a much better tell. Maybe you could figure out a better reporting metrics.

Mike Wohlstein

If Gilliams gets convicted of the Sunshine Law and Sebastian gets sued, does the city and our citizens have a recourse against Gilliams for breaking the Sunshine Law and getting the money back that the city has spent with his shenanigans?

Glenn Erlacher

Maskless Sebastian

Thank you for regularly updating us on the number of cases and deaths from Coronavirus in and around Sebastian.

As a senior who has dared to venture out and support our local economy , I have been very disappointed to see the lack of masks, by both staff and customers around town.

These places include:

  • Home Depot
  • Walgreens
  • Pelican Diner
  • Tiki Bar & Grill

I greatly fear we will be hit hard in a month or so now that Gov. DeSantis has opened most of the state despite increasing cases.

A news story about retail establishments and restaurants where staff are not wearing masks and those that are would greatly help us know ahead of time where it is safe to do business.

Thank you again for your valuable coverage.

Doris Kilbane

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