Letters to the Editor for June 29, 2020

Letters to the Editor in Sebastian, Florida.
Letters to the Editor in Sebastian, Florida.

Letters to the Editor in Sebastian for June 29, 2020. Local residents talk about Walmart entrance and exit doors to the store, recall petitions, COVID-19 concerns, and the Sebastian Police Department.


I am very concerned about the measures taken at the local Walmart.

All entries are closed but one. All the customers entering the store must pass through one entrance. This is congregating everyone to one point, raising the risk of the spread of Covid19.

It would seem more logical to open all the entries to lower the density of people entering the store through one door, thereby lowering the chance of exposure.

Jim Wills

Recall Petitions

After the last few months I have had the honor to meet many Sebastian residents. I believe 3 members of the City Council have no idea who we are so I would like to do my best to describe who Sebastian is.

Sebastian residents are honorable, intelligent, caring, and have united for a common goal of saving their City. I haven’t met one person that is volunteering or signing petitions that is doing it all for just themselves. They have not been self serving or self consumed.

Even if a stranger needed a ride so they could sign the petitions dozens of residents answered the call. People that couldn’t leave their homes had volunteers bring petitions for them and also made sure they had everything they needed. The residents of Sebastian take care of each other check on each other and encourage each other. If one of them say I have your back or we’ve got you covered trust me they do.

The 3 council members that we are recalling are NOTHING like the majority of the people, in fact they are the complete opposite of everything I just listed. I do not know any of them personally but I have seen what I’ll call the fruits of their labor in not only our council but 2 of them their entire adult lives.

The 3 will NEVER be able to represent us because they will never be able to understand people like us that always do the right thing for the majority of the people not just ourselves. I have not met one person that I would consider a follower they all have been leaders and willing to do whatever they had to.

Sorry Gilliams, Parris, and Mauti you don’t have what it takes to represent people like us but we have the intelligence to get you out of our way.

Tracey Cole

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A single infected person coming in contact with a group of vulnerable people can cause an outbreak. This is very likely to happen in Sebastian restaurants and bars. Not only will that individual infect others at the bar, but those infected will bring it home and infect their families.

Local jurisdictions like Sebastian need to compel people to wear masks and maintain a physical distance in social situations. Only these types of social distancing measures will prevent the spread of coronavirus infections and prevent those most vulnerable from dying.

John Haller

Sebastian Police

I hope all are well. I really wanted to be at the meeting and speaking. Three months ago I tore my meniscus in knee. Wasn’t operated on till yesterday.

People will tell you I don’t pull punches say it like it is. Im tired of hearing threats and put downs of good people. So what I wanted to say is that because of great people in this community 697 meals were bought for people out of work or in need. Yes I spent $2300.00 of my own money however so many people made donations to make it possible. We also paid for 56 peoples grocery bills.

Secondly I have heard a couple of council members knock the police department. I’m sorry people have had run ins with them, however the police are always willing to help me when they see me on streets late at night. They ask if I’m checking on people in trouble or going home. If I say checking on people they say “need help let us know.” If I say going home, and if officers aren’t busy, they insist on giving me a ride.

On May 11th our mom passed away at 93 years old. She had alzheimer’s for 10 years. She lived with my sister and husband.

Officers were kind and caring to my sister. The officers that saw me walking even pulled over to give me condolences, emails or texts. What other police department would do that?

Last thing is domestic violence is out of control in city. Have sent families and individuals to shelters in other cities.

Thank you for reading this,

Frank Nolan

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