Pink Justice Reaching Out for Help in Finding the Missing

Pink Justice
Pink Justice

When Erika Torok was growing up, she would always look at the pictures of the missing on milk cartons. She would concentrate on their faces and look at every person she came across. Unfortunately, she never did run into any of them.

“When I became a bit older, I remember a story on a little boy (Adam Walsh). It shook me to the core. I talked to my children as they were growing up about him; it was in hopes that they could learn from his story and be watchful,” Torok told Sebastian Daily.

Since then, Torok has tried to follow all the criminal cases that included the missing. She has been in many groups for well over 20 years but decided to start my own in hopes of finding victims.

So, she created the Facebook page, Pink Justice.

“Once the group got up and started, there was a big need to help find those missing. I would reach out to the families or vise versa and hear their pain. Hear their cries. The hopelessness that they felt the fear that ran through them of the not knowing, especially the ones who weren’t being picked up on the news or making headlines. Those are the ones that got me the most. Why were they not picked up, but others were,” Torok said.

She couldn’t help but wonder what made some get picked up by media faster than others.

“I don’t care about their past, level of success, race. I want to find them. I want them to have the same opportunity as anyone else to be found, Torok explained.

Pink Justice has taken on their own cases, and they’re desperately trying to find the missing. They have had many families reach out to them, begging for help to find their loved ones.

“The Pink Justice team is the most loving bunch of people with the biggest hearts, they will drop what they are doing by one call, one text, but we are maxed,” Torok added.

They work with several missing groups, but unfortunately, they are maxed out as well. They are in dire need of help!

“It’s heartbreaking to hear these families beg for someone to help them and not be able to do so because we just don’t have enough volunteers to help. I’m begging the public for help,” Torok stated.

Pink Justice needs people to help search on foot, by car, and boat. But, there are other areas that people can help if they can’t search.

Ways that you can help Pink Justice

  • Join the missing groups
  • Share flyers
  • Help google map areas
  • Dig for information that could help or lead to finding these missing
  • Run the search parties
  • Organize fundraisers

If you would like to help make a difference and help these families get some closure visit the Pink Justice Facebook page.

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