Property Appraiser Wesley Davis Returns Unspent Funds

Property Appraiser Wesley Davis
Property Appraiser Wesley Davis

Property Appraiser Wesley Davis gave some welcome news to Indian River County Taxpayers Tuesday morning. Davis returned to taxpayers more than $179,000 dollars in money approved but not spent in the 2019-2020 fiscal year which ended on September 30.

When a county office returns unspent monies, it goes back to the general fund or reserves, saving taxpayers.

“With all the Country suffering from the hardships causes by COVID 19 it is even more important to do everything we can to save taxpayers money. Just because it’s there, doesn’t mean we have to spend it”, said Indian River County Property Appraiser, Wesley Davis.

“As a result of leadership and an array of cost containment measures, scrupulous financial management, advances in technology and a commitment from our professional staff, we are able to return $406,559 to taxpayers since taking office in January of 2019.”

Davis presented a big check made out to Taxpayers to the Indian River County Commission at its November 10th meeting. “Since taking office in January of 2019 I have concentrated on improving customer service and saving money through technology. We have now been able to return more than $400,000 to taxpayers as a result of our efforts.”

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Traditionally Indian River Constitutional offices return unspent funds and fees to the County Commission at the end of the Fiscal year and placed in the County’s general fund. “When we save, taxpayers save” Davis said.

“I am proud to be only the sixth person in history to serve as Property Appraiser of Indian River County”, Davis noted. We have completed increased homestead applications, initial estimates, TRIM notices, budget hearings and final rolls for this year and I am proud to say all have been completed on time and accurately,” said Davis.

“One of my first priorities has been working with the staff to initiate a five year program to embrace technology. As an example of our progress, Indian River County residents may now, apply for homestead exemptions online, tangible personal property online and soon will be able to file agricultural exemption requests online as well.” Davis announced.

Approximately 4,500 exemption applications are received annually.

“Many changes have been initiated, to improve customer service, to save money and provide transparency in budgeting and spending” said Davis.

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