Sebastian KFC/Taco Bell needs improving, and better dining

KFC/Taco Bell in Sebastian, Florida.
KFC/Taco Bell in Sebastian, Florida.

SEBASTIAN – Our recent visit to KFC/Taco Bell in Sebastian just proves that some things never change. We don’t like to talk bad about other businesses, nor do I enjoy writing opinionated articles about other companies.

In fact, I hardly do opinion editorials, and when I do, I’m often criticized. For example, someone commented, “you shouldn’t add your personal opinion because it can be very damaging to the business!” Well, maybe, but usually by the time I get ready to publish my opinion, the business has already damaged themselves because of their practices.

Also, I’ll take my chances as editor-in-chief. The article might serve a purpose to improve something, or it will serve as the normal community awareness.

KFC, Taco Bell, and Pizza Hut have been a great chain to have in Sebastian. But after several visits, I find it amazing that they haven’t made any changes. It’s NOT their employee’s fault, because they have a lot of good people who work there. It really comes down to the management and ownership.

I can walk into their dining room today, as of the date of this publishing, and it’s a complete mess. There are crumbs and food on the table, seats, and on the floor. Who wants to sit in a filthy dining room? Anyone? I ask this question because it’s been going on for a very long time. I often wonder if anyone else has asked, “hey, have you thought about wiping down the tables, seats, and sweeping the floors more than once per day?”

And I wish that was all, but unfortunately, I witnessed something else on Saturday. The woman in front of me appeared to be annoyed. She eventually asked for her money back, and the manager walked over and made the refund. She said, “I’m very disappointed, very disappointed in this place” before walking away and going somewhere else. Money out the door, as they say in this type of business. The KFC/Taco Bell manager never asked why she was disappointed, he hit a button on the register and refunded her money.

Eventually, I received my food in about 15 minutes. But, I had to clean my table and seat before I could sit down. After all, I want a clean area to sit and enjoy the food I paid a premium price for.

I won’t talk about their restrooms, I’ll just leave it at that.

While eating, I see more people walk in and become frustrated because the one cashier was slow taking orders. Eventually, there were a lot of people standing and waiting for their food to arrive.

A couple of people never ordered because they walked out. There it is again: money out the door.

Does customer service exist anymore?

And just in case you were wondering, I didn’t bother asking the management or staff why the restaurant was dirty. Sometimes people like to say, “your opinionated article didn’t include both sides!” This one does not include both sides, and that’s because there’s no excuse for a dirty dining room.

What would KFC/Taco Bell say? “Oh, we are so short staffed,” or “It’s been busy today!” I am sure they have their reasons and are sorry for the inconvenience. But I don’t think they’re sorry enough to knock off a few dollars if you have to clean your own table.

Good people do work at KFC/Taco Bell, and it’s not their fault. But the manager and franchise owner are held responsible. The buck stops there, so to speak. I’m sure that if someone from the company that represents the name of this franchise walked in, things wouldn’t be pleasant. And I wouldn’t blame them.


Soon after we published this article about KFC / Taco Bell / Pizza Hut in Sebastian, the vice-president of marketing with KBP Foods contacted us. KBP Foods owns the restaurant. The company is moving forward immediately on a plan to improve the restaurant. We will revisit the restaurant after the improvements are done and will publish an update.

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