Letters to the Editors: Sebastian “No Colors” and Vests Ban

Letters to the Editor in Sebastian, Florida.
Letters to the Editor in Sebastian, Florida.

A lot of letters coming in about the “No Colors” and “vests” ban at several establishments in Sebastian, Florida.

The article was about a man asked to remove his vest at the Tiki Bar & Grill. Here are some of the letters received.

American Legion Motorcycle Club

Colors are not only gangs, colors are the insignia, or “patches,” worn by motorcycle club members on cut-off vests to identify membership of their club and territorial location.

The American Legion Motorcycle Club vest is considered colors. The motorcycle club is a separate club within the American Legion that requires you to pay dues beyond Legion dues in order to become a member.

Your article seemed to be misleading on several points in addition to Colors being gang related. You are not allowed to wear the American Legion Motorcycle Club vest at Earl’s Hideaway Lounge either nor are you able to wear the Blue Knights which is a police motorcycle club. NO COLORS, no exceptions.

Jene Q.

I agree 100% with Tiki Bar & Grill

Regarding the story of Tiki Bar not allowing a Patron with a American Legion vest. As a Combat Veteran. I agree 100% with TiKi Bar. A ban is a ban period you ban one group you have to ban every group or the ban has no teeth and pretty soon you have more and more exceptions and then the groups you started the ban for in the first place will find a way around it and you go back to where you started.

Although I can fully understand this gentleman’s displeasure and beeing upset with it. He needs to look at it in a larger scale from the enforcement side and the reasons it was emplaced to begin with.

If he wants to be angry at anyone it should be directed at the groups and individuals who made the ban necessary in the first place. And either confront them directly or work with law enforcement to get the individuals involved with any type of illegal activity off of the streets.


A man who loves to ride

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Hello, I had to respond to that article. I am not a member of any club, just an man that loves to ride. And I have no affiliation with ANY bar.

In my opinion, the man is not exactly being completely upfront.

Most establishments have a policy of “no colors or vests”, like it or not, there is a faction among motorcycle riders that just love to start trouble when the opportunity presents itself and then include consumption of alcohol?

I was in a place out-of-state where a handful of fellas started a club and had patches made XXXXX XXX MC. Some Hells Angels members showed up, claiming the Hells Angels owned the Trademark “MC” (may now just be a copyright) and demanded the fellas lose the patches or else. Now I also understand the Hells Angels are very good at filing lawsuits to protect there rights. I’ve heard that is common.

The owners/management of any establishment really don’t have much choice, either they make a blanket rule “no colors, vests” etc. or face the likelihood of a problem sooner or later. For a man to complain he wasn’t being valued, or veterans respected is pushing it.

I bet he wouldn’t feel that way if he had been accosted by someone that didn’t like his vest. It sounds petty but it has happened.


Fallen Heroes

My vest displays my military service, unit and a reminder to all that our fallen heroes should never be forgotten and in no way should be confused with “colors.”

If the Tiki Bar & Grill or any establishment asked me to remove this vest for a Colors Violation, I can assure you that I would never spend another dime in their place of business.

I respect any business that has a dress code policy so if you want to ban all vests….I can respect that as well and perhaps this change in policy would serve you better, although I’m not sure that the desired results will be obtained by doing so.

Education and clarity of ones policy is what is needed here.

Vince S.

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