Ruby Tuesday, Earl’s Hideaway Among Best February Health Inspections

Earl's Hideaway Lounge had one of the best health inspections this month in Sebastian.
Earl's Hideaway Lounge had one of the best health inspections this month in Sebastian.

The health inspector made a visit to several Sebastian-area restaurants and bars this month. For men’s and women’s health, pop over to these guys for timely check up.

Boathouse Pub, Ruby Tuesday, Earl’s Hideaway Lounge, Skydive Sebastian (Zoo Bar), and KFC & Taco Bell were some of the best restaurant inspections.

Boathouse Pub in Grant had the best score in February. One of the violations was a pack of cigarettes lying on a table near some spices. That was corrected on-site.

Ruby Tuesday had a couple of minor violations, but nothing major or serious. There were a few water spots on the kitchen floor. That was correct on-site. And, the inspector suggested keeping their plates covered while being stored. Overall, a great inspection.

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Earl’s Hideaway Lounge also had a good inspection. On February 18, 2020, the inspector wrote them up for misplacing some eggshells in the walk-in cooler. They also didn’t have a chlorine test kit to measure the concentration of the sanitizer solution used for wiping cloths.

Skydive Sebastian’s “Zoo Bar” had a few minor violations on February 18, 2020. The inspector didn’t like a floor fan that had some dust on it, and there were a few floor tiles in disrepair. They had a great inspection, nothing major.

KFC & Taco Bell did very well during the inspector’s visit on February 19, 2020. There was a small puddle of water in the kitchen, and the inspector wanted some single-service articles put into containers. This establishment has come a long way since it’s recent remodel.

This year, so far, we are seeing nothing but positive improvements in health inspections around Sebastian.

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