Letters to Editor: Why is ‘No Name Bar’ open during executive order?

Letters to the Editor in Sebastian, Florida.
Letters to the Editor in Sebastian, Florida.

We’ve been receiving a lot of letters about the No Name Bar in Sebastian. The bar, owned by Sebastian Councilman Damien Gilliams, remains open because he has a Food License. While serving food, he can also serve alcohol.

However, no one should be sitting at the bar, and tables should be separated by 6 feet. Several people have reported that Gilliams is serving people at the bar with total disregard to the rules. Food receipts have to be more than alcohol sales to be a restaurant. Other bars in town that have a Food Service license have shut down, including Earl’s Hideaway Lounge. Earl’s is offering take-out, but the entire bar is closed to comply with Gov. Ron DeSantis.

We asked Councilman Damien Gilliams why he’s open:

“We sell food with a food license. We are a Restaurant and Bar. You should know. We are staying open just like Mulligans and all the other restaurants,” Gilliams told Sebastian Daily.

Authorities are looking into No Name Bar for compliance. We will report any updates.

Letters to the Editor for March 19, 2020.

Dear Sebastian Daily,

I’m not certain if the No Name Bar is licensed as a bar & restaurant, but if it doesn’t have the restaurant designation Gilliams doesn’t seem to care.

Gilliams is operating No Name unencumbered by Gov. DeSantis orders & w/out concern for public health. Gilliams continues to show his lack of morals or his common decency.

It would appear he has been embolden by his recent election win & doesn’t concern himself w/the lawful order of our governor. Perhaps he needs a reminder that he isn’t above the law. There shouldn’t be a two-tiered justice system for connected &/or elected people.

I hope the authorities would agree w/me.


Rob R.

Why is the No Name Bar still open? They have patrons at the bar. They are not practicing social distancing!

Why isn’t the Sebastian PD enforcing the law? No Name has never been a restaurant. It is a bar.

Damien Gilliams is irresponsible not to adhere to the governors executive order.

Dan T.

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Dear Editors,

Did you know that No Name bar doesn’t even have a proper kitchen? How they are considered a restaurant? Wasn’t this the place written up by the health inspector after employees didn’t wash their hands?

They are going to spread this virus throughout the community. I’ve never heard of anyone going to the No Name just to eat dinner.

Pete Y.

If anyone wants to get served alcohol while sitting at a bar inside a so-called restaurant in Sebastian, all you need to do is go to Gilliam’s No Name Bar.

Apparently he’s above the law. He’s serving alcohol to people sitting at his bar. Alcohol has to be served at tables not the bar.

Kathy B.

Dear Sebastian Daily:

No Name Bar is not a restaurant, even its website says they are a bar and nightclub. The website shows nothing about being restaurant, just BAR FOOD!

Their license will have to prove he sells more food than booze. Authorities really need to look into this situation.

Paul M.

Sebastian Daily,

Because of this pandemic that we have in this country there have been rules set for operations of restaurants/bars/and the gathering of the number of people.

If we have an individual who feels he can threaten the lives of other individuals by not coopering with set rules, it is time to send some authority to the establishment and SHUT IT DOWN.

Who does this man think he is that he can ignore the rules.

Another example of MONEY OVER MORALES!

Carl K.

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