Letters: Fallout Between Barefoot Bay and 3 Ring Circus Band

3 Ring Circus is performing at Barefoot Bay in Micco, Florida.
3 Ring Circus is performing at Barefoot Bay in Micco, Florida.

Letters to the Editor for February 16, 2021.

Sebastian Daily is still receiving several letters involving the Barefoot Bay management firing the 3 Ring Circus band over a Joe Biden “Not My President” photo seen on one of the band members’ Facebook pages.

Several people in Barefoot Bay wanted to remain anonymous in their opinions in fear of repercussions from the management. Therefore, we didn’t print most of those letters. 

Barefoot Bay

I wonder if the folks in Barefoot Bay would have done the same thing 4 years ago, if a band member had posted a photo of Donald Trump, with the caption Not My President?

John A. Gagnon

3 Ring Circus in Barefoot Bay

In response to the article regarding the band ‘3 Ring Circus’ being cancelled by BBRD, I would like to say that this is wrong in so many ways. 

I am a resident of Barefoot Bay and also a naturalized citizen of the USA.  I was born in Cuba and saw firsthand what happens when one group of people decides that they are superior in every way, always right and not only are they right, but you MUST agree with them or face consequences.  Consequences such as being fired for political views or for saying the ‘wrong’ thing or being ostracized or having your character impugned in horrible and public ways…just because you have a different view.  Eventually, those consequences lead to political prisoners.  Is this what we want for this country?  Please do not tell me ‘it can’t happen here’.  It most certainly can!  Just ask any Cuban or Venezuelan that said those same words. This censorship is exactly how it begins and it is up to each and every one of us to reject the insistence on conformity at every turn.

What has happened to free speech?  What has happened to this country that we can no longer agree to disagree. My views are just as valid as the next guy’s and each of us has the right to express their own view.  That’s what the Constitution promises each of us.  That’s what each of us MUST uphold every day in order to protect the promises of the Constitution.  Otherwise, it is just a matter of time…The Soviets said it best; “We won’t ever have to fire a single shot to bring socialism (aka: communism) to the USA. They will vote it in!”  As citizens, it is our duty to support the rights of others to their free speech even when we find their speech not to our liking.

Stand up for the USA and it’s Constitution and the freedoms it affords us and that were so hard fought to achieve!  They were passed down to us and it is our duty to protect them.


Irene Reyes-Esquivel
Barefoot Bay

Barefoot Bay’s Cancel Culture

So very disappointed that Barefoot Bay is into cancel culture. It’s a sad day that Freedom of Speech is not acceptable to those making these decisions.

Dee Chimenti
Palm Bay

Barefoot Bay & Freedom of Speech

Some of the letters to the Editor are unbelievable. We still DO have freedom of speech in this Country. This is still America and will never be communist China or Russia.

The problem with some people is if everyone doesn’t agree with their views, they try to make everyone’s life that does not agree with them miserable. These people will never stop with their complaints. Again as I previously stated on the Barefoot Bay facebook page, this could have all been avoided if Dave Mummaw did not share a private post from Kenny’s private facebook page. Yes, he did apologize to Kenny but the damage was already done.

John Coffey is doing the job he was hired to do and in my opinion does a wonderful job and is very easy to work with.

I will say again, that residents of Barefoot Bay need to put aside their political differences and learn to coexist again in the Bay. Residents need to stop complaining and be thankful for everything they have in the Bay. No one is trying to take away your freedom of speech and residents need to see through some of the BS comments on the Bay’s facebook sites. Stop acting like spoiled little children and start acting like mature adults.

Residents need to start learning how to get along.

Lorraine Andrews
Barefoot Bay

Band Cancellation Was Wrong

I can’t believe what is happening in this country.  For four years many people said President Trump was “not their President.”  Were they silenced? No!  Were they fired? No!   

Now when someone offers the same simple statement about the current President on their personal Facebook account, it becomes “hate speech.” 

I would not attend any event scheduled by the current socialist Barefoot Bay administration.  They should be fired for disregarding freedom of speech. 

And, yes, I am a snowbird who chooses where to spend my leisure dollars.  It won’t be Barefoot Bay.

Linda Goen

Barefoot Bay Management

I think the management that runs the entertainment at Barefoot Bay are acting like children. You’re going to cancel a band over a picture of Joe Biden, calling it offensive to all the people living in the Bay?

Are you kidding me?

I’ve read both statements from the management team in the article, and it still doesn’t add up. Something sounds very fishy.

All bands should boycott this nonsense and stand up for what it’s right. This is called CANCEL CULTURE for a reason, and this is the perfect example of it.

Any band wanting to work in Barefoot Bay should be concerned over these actions to fire a band over someone’s right to free speech. Is the Barefoot Bay management team offended by someone else’s opinion about Joe Biden? I’m embarrassed to live in the Bay!

The ability to speak freely without worrying over the loss of income is no different than living in a socialist/communist nation.

Wake up America!

Trish Gallagher
Barefoot Bay

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