Microsoft Scam Targets Sebastian, Vero Beach Residents

Sebastian and Vero Beach residents receiving calls from people posing as Microsoft.
Sebastian and Vero Beach residents receiving calls from people posing as Microsoft.

SEBASTIAN – There’s been a growing number of people reporting a scam in Sebastian and Vero Beach that involves phone calls from Microsoft.

The calls to some Indian River County residents are from Cybercriminals who try to trick people into visiting other websites or to enable remote login, which allows them to enter their computer at home to “fix viruses” or some other trickery.

One thing is sure: these people are not from Microsoft Corporation.

They may ask you to download software that will allow them to take control of your computer remotely. Some calls from these Microsoft people might even say you were caught running unlicensed software and will need to pay or face copyright infringement.

Microsoft will never call you about these issues, whether or not you are licensed. Microsoft will never contact you about a virus on your computer.

Hang up the phone when these scammers call about your PC. Don’t even talk to them. These are professional criminals.

Here are some of their tactics:

  • If you don’t receive a call, you might receive warning messages that pop up with a phone number for you to call to “fix issues” on your computer. Do not call.
  • They are known to offer help so they can solve your computer problems, but they are only attacking your computer and will bill you for it. Remember, Microsoft isn’t going to call you about these issues.
  • These Cybercriminals also want to access your online banking information when you allow them into your PC.

They might also install software that locks your PC. Then, they will demand a payment to unlock it.

Sometimes these thieves will direct you to other websites and ask you to enter credit card and other financial information before “fixing your issue” on your computer.

If they call you, hang up. Most of these people are calling from overseas.

These calls to Sebastian and Vero Beach residents have increased during the past two weeks.

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