‘Weird’ lights over Sebastian caught on video. Was it a UFO?

On Tuesday, April 28, 2020, Facebook user Vincent ‘Chief’ Serio saw something in the sky that was “weird” and began recording it. It appeared to be several UFO objects with light sources.

A UFO, an unidentified flying object, is any aerial phenomenon that cannot immediately be identified.

“Anybody in Sebastian know what this is. I’m sure it’s explainable, but sure is weird,” Serio wrote.

While driving in Sebastian, the lights were out in the west near Fellsmere.

Someone said they might be skydivers, but Skydive Sebastian is closed amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The lights didn’t appear to be from planes since no red lights were blinking from the objects.

“Some crazy sh**. What else could it be? Ain’t no drones,” Sebastian resident Nate Hines said.

Serio said he filmed the lights on his iPhone X while driving slow and trying to switch gears. He said it looks great on his phone, but for some reason, Facebook reduced the quality when he uploaded it.

Another Facebook user said the lights might be satellites.

There has to be a reasonable explanation.

It’s not the first time people have reported seeing a UFO in or around Sebastian, Florida. Some of the sightings were debunked as a camera lens flare, an airplane, or a drone.

Last month, several people reported unexplained large balls of red lights seen in Sebastian and Melbourne, Florida. Witnesses say there was no sound or smoke trail. It lasted about 20 seconds.

In December 2019, several people saw a UFO near Sebastian. They witnessed a fast-moving light first observed in Cocoa as it accelerated towards Sebastian. All witnesses say there was no sound from the object.

In June 2019, a UFO was seen in Grant, Florida. The alleged incident occurred on June 4, 2019, at approximately 5:00 a.m. when a large cube-shaped object was seen rotating at a high rate of speed for approximately four minutes.

In December 2018, a man said he saw a UFO near Orchid Island. He was out with his son; they both saw something unusual.

“Short bursts of light or illuminated exhaust followed it in a regular on/off pattern. No debris was seen, as might be expected from space junk re-entering the atmosphere,” Arthur M. Doweyko PhD told Sebastian Daily.

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