Sebastian residents want the police to enforce speed limits

Speed limit on U.S. Highway 1 in Sebastian.
Speed limit on U.S. Highway 1 in Sebastian.

Editorial/Opinion – Many residents are asking the Sebastian Police Department to do a better job at enforcing the speed limit, especially on U.S. Highway 1. 

“What boils my blood is being passed on Main Street in Sebastian! I drive 30 mph. The speed limit. That road is narrow. To pass someone on that road is ludicrous. Had a guy pass me, and when I honked, he slowed down in front of me and then flipped me off,” a Sebastian resident posted on social media. 

People have also written to Sebastian Daily to look into the “speeder problem” in the area. We have witnessed people driving 50+ mph in the posted 35 mph zones. But we also have seen people drive 20 mph in the left lane, causing people to go around them.

Moving to the right lane is crucial if you’re holding up traffic. It’s Florida law if you’re not doing the speed limit in the left lane, also known as the passing lane. Also, driving too slow in the passing lane can cause an accident. If you are in the left lane and don’t plan on making a left turn, merge to the right and allow the people to pass. 

Speeding through Sebastian has been a known problem, but we’ve seen the police patrol the area. But, unfortunately, they can’t always be there to catch speeders.

What also upsets people are vehicles making a complete stop on U.S. Highway 1 before making a right turn. The proper way is to try and merge to the right before making the turn. But, again, stay aware of the people behind you.

The 35 mph speed limit on U.S. Highway 1 is there for a reason. Some residents suggest raising it to 45 mph, but I doubt that will ever happen. 

We’ve seen the police checking for speeders in various areas in Sebastian. Twice this week, we’ve seen the police checking for speeders on U.S. Highway 1. Some speeders are caught and they di end up with stiff fines and points added to their driver’s licenses. 

When not checking for violators, the police are usually on other calls. But, again, they can’t be everywhere all of the time.

Also, don’t use your cell phone while driving. It’s a fact that you cannot remain focused on the road if you’re distracted. Unfortunately, we’ve also seen people texting while driving in the passing lane, ignoring vehicles trying to pass. 

Some people peg the speed limit in the passing lane and refuse to merge because they feel it is their right. By doing this, you are making the situation worse. Just let them pass and hope the police catch them.

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