Coyotes in Sebastian Threatening Unsupervised Pets

Coyotes have been a big topic of discussion in Sebastian, Florida.
Coyotes have been a big topic of discussion in Sebastian, Florida.

SEBASTIAN – Coyotes have been a big topic of discussion among pet owners in Sebastian lately. I’ve lived in Sebastian, Florida for the past 38-years, and I have never heard so much discussion about the presence of coyotes on people’s properties as I have lately.

This is due to the coyotes being misplaced because of the growth in Sebastian. It is important to keep your animals indoors, while you are not supervising them.

Coyotes eat a variety of plants and wild animals including fruits, rats and mice, insects, birds, rabbits, deer, livestock, and people’s trash. However, they will not hesitate to go after your family pets.

Canis Latrans are typically timid and will generally flee when they see a human. If they do not run away, you should begin “hazing.” Hazing means to be as big and loud as possible.

Additionally, coyotes do not like lights and loud noises. If you are having issues, you may want to install motion-sensor lights to help discourage coyotes from lurking in your yard.

Do not feed coyotes! It is illegal to feed them in the state of Florida. When humans feed coyotes, they lose their fear of them.

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