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Sebastian couple combine interior decorating and property management

Samantha Burns and Joshua Schaffner of Sebastian, Florida.
Samantha Burns and Joshua Schaffner of Sebastian, Florida.

Once in awhile, we like to feature people who are self-employed in Sebastian and discuss what they do for a living. There’s a lot of local businesses in the community that owned/operated by couples. In some cases, the pair might own two companies.

In this article, we will be featuring Samantha Burns and Joshua Schaffner of Sebastian.

Samantha Burns owns Rekindled Furniture & Home Decor. She began this business in 2015 and has spent 15 plus years in the design and construction industry.

Burns moved to Sebastian in 2011 from Western North Carolina, where she had a design business in the mountains. Burns worked for other companies in the design and real estate industry until she built up a network to set up her own business. It has enabled her to spend more time with her sons.

“I started to rekindle my love for furniture and creating art. I came up with the name (Rekindled Furniture & Home Decor) due to the time in my life. As a newly single mother who was finding herself again and needing to work with the flexible hours of having two boys,” Burns told Sebastian Daily.

When she started the company, Burns thought she would be finding pieces and refinishing them to sell in a retail atmosphere. However, she quickly found out how fast word spreads, and soon she was doing entirely custom work. Customers would give her their furniture for her to refinish.

“I absolutely love what I do. Each piece is different and unique. Sometimes I get to have some fun with pieces and create art within them. Sometimes, I am asked to do pieces by many of the interior designers in the county. I have learned so much at refurbishing furniture and am proud of every piece I put out,” Burns said.

Burns also does antique refurbishing, custom furniture & decor, marine brightwork, murals & faux finishes, home interiors, and design projects.

“If you have an idea for a room or piece you’d like to change up a bit or to restore a piece to its original beauty, I can help,” she said.

Joshua Schaffner owns S&S Property Management Company. It’s more of a network of everything you may need for your property and or subdivision.

“If we can not do the work you need, we have a team of licensed, local family companies that we refer to when needed,” Schaffner told Sebastian Daily.

Some of the services provided:

  • House sitting while you are away
  • Rental management services (not real estate activity)
  • Home projects from adding yard appeal, interior and exterior installations and remodeling, or even taking care of that Honey Do List that you are not able to complete.
  • Other services: Irrigation and Landscaping, House cleaning, rental turn around.

Schaffner has some great reviews from customers.

“I do recommend S&S Property Management! I am a sole homeowner, and calling Josh to come help fix a few things around the house today was a HUGE relief! I don’t think any job is too big or too small. If your honey to-do list is just not getting done, hire him for a few hours and watch that list disappear. Thank you, Josh, so very much !!” – Renee Francis, Owner of ArtMinded in Sebastian.

Samantha and Josh work great together as the two businesses complement one another.

“Josh and I have been together for a couple of years. As of last January, we decided to combine forces and work together as a team while keeping our individual companies. Sometimes I am on the job site with him, and other times he is stripping and prepping furniture or helping me with deliveries or installations. I think our favorite days are when we get to work together,” said Burns.

In the coming months, Sebastian Daily will be featuring more businesses owned by couples in Sebastian.

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