Best Burgers In Sebastian, Florida – Top 5

Top 5 Best Burgers in Sebastian, Florida.
Top 5 Best Burgers in Sebastian, Florida. (Contributed photo from Andy Hodges)

SEBASTIAN – Have you ever wondered, “Where can I get the best burger in Sebastian?” Well, we have researched for you. We visited every place we knew, in Sebastian, to find the best burger in town.

While some places promoted a “juicy burger” for a higher price, we didn’t feel it was worth the price. Too “juicy” can also mean more fat content in the patty. We found a lot of places selling higher quality, lean burgers for a lower price.

Several factors that went into our ranking, such as taste, quality, and price. Some burger patties were smaller than others, so we also counted that as a factor based on pricing.

We did not visit restaurant chains because we wanted to rank these burgers locally.

Our Best Burgers in Sebastian, Florida:

1) Sandy’s Grille – “Sandy Burger” was the best for a price of $12.99. This one is similar to their “Rudy Burger” ($9.99) with a few extras. We also ordered just a plain cheeseburger, and that was made perfect. The burger comes with an order of onion rings. The wait time was about 15 minutes. Nothing else in Sebastian came close to this burger.

2) Strike Zone Entertainment Center – “Reckless Burger” was amazing for a price of $12.99. I didn’t know our local bowling alley served such a great burger. The burger itself is large and cooked with seasoning. They also have a “Classic Burger” for $9.99. We thought the quality was excellent. The wait time was about 10 minutes. We will be back to have this burger again.

3) JJ Manning’s – “JJ’s Basic Burger” was similar to Sandy’s with a fresh off the grill taste for $8.95. Our only complaint is that we thought the patty was too small for the bun. However, this burger did well with the judges, and at times some thought it did better than Strike Zone. But, in the end, the judges agreed that it ranked third.

4) Portside Pub & Grille – “Admiral Burger” comes with a price of $14.00, but it’s “double everything.” They also serve a regular burger for $9.00. This place is known for its home cooking, and it offers other specialty burgers including Sunrise, Boogie Board, and one topped with Mac & Cheese. We had their homemade chips, known as their “hot chips.” The wait time was about 20 minutes.

5) Tiki Bar & Grill – “Certified Angus Cheese Burger” is the best price in town at $8.50. The bun and lettuce were fresh, and there were times we thought this burger did better than others. Ultimately, our judges felt that the burger was too oily, or too much grease in the patty. This burger was a good quality burger for the price. The wait time was only 10 minutes.

While some restaurants didn’t make our Best Burgers in Sebastian list, we still enjoyed them.

There wasn’t one burger we didn’t enjoy. However, the restaurants that made our list stood out more than others.

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