Letters to the Editor: Responses from COVID-19 Editorial

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

The editorial from August 16, 2021, referencing how divided we are with the COVID-19 vaccine, received quite a few responses from our readers. Here are a few of those responses to Letters to the Editor.


Thank you for sharing your opinion concerning the two factions on the COVID issue. I appreciate that it pointed out the divisiveness it is creating. In the end, we all need to be together in combating this wretched disease. 

Last week I lost a neighbor who leaves behind four children and a husband to this disease. Whether she was vaccinated or not, I do not know. From the timeline and description her husband gave me when I went to meet with him – I would suspect not. That is not the point, the point is the tragedy of her loss. 

Your articles, I feel, are vital to the health of Sebastian, providing the citizens and readers with unbiased information.

Fr. Dave Newhart

Shame On You

I read your article on the Covid 19 vaccine and on name-calling! I too, disparage any name-calling, but I do support debating two viewpoints. 

Why do you call doctors who are putting out information that does give us pause to think as spreading disinformation! Over 12,000 have died from this vaccine! This has been reported to The gov. Website, and thousands have had adverse reactions, which have been life-changing! 

Forcing kids to get it as well as any American goes against our constitution! CDC has said if you have had the virus, you do not need the vaccine! People who take this vaccine do not want to research or listen to others because it makes them uncomfortable as they have taken it! 

I believe the Nuremberg code was created as well as our constitutional free speech to allow us to not be shamed into taking an experimental vaccine! 

You just tried to shame us by saying we are listening to misinformation! SHAME ON YOU!

Marilyn Turner


The reason for opposition to the vaccine is that it has graphene oxide in it. That IS A POISON.

Tom Baumann

(Editors Note: Fact Check-COVID-19 vaccines do not contain graphene oxide.)

Vaccine Opinion Piece

It was so complete and so long needed. Thank you for your clear thoughts. 

I’ve been so tired of the half-hearted proclamations that have come from local and State officials. Hopefully, your posted thinking will be well-read and well regarded.


Tom Roughton
Barefoot Bay

Thank You

I, for one, applaud you for your opinion piece on vaccines. It boggles my mind that so many people out there don’t believe in the science. I know a lot of them feel that this vaccine was rushed, probably because Trump called it operation warp speed! They all need to understand that it’s been in the works for a long time! They just tweaked it for this particular virus. 

As always, follow the science! We need to get them vaccinated to get out of this before another stronger variant comes along that the vaccine doesn’t work. Because then we really will be in trouble! 

Thanks again for your article. I hope people will listen. One more thing I wish you would bring back the virus numbers in our area. I think that helped people see how much virus is in our area! 

Thanks again keep up the good work!

Sue Wojda
Barefoot Bay

Saving Lives

Thank you for stepping up with your editorial today in the hope of saving lives.

Debra Lennon

Vaxxed and Un-Vaxxed

The exchange between the vaxxed and un-vaxxed is heated and gets ugly on both sides. There is as much venom coming from the V’s as the Un-V’s. There are extremes on both sides. 

Government tracking fears on one side to calling people murderers on the other side, and everywhere in between. There is also pressure and prejudice being directed towards the “Uns” with requiring vaccine cards, signs prohibiting entry, and threats of job dismissal.

The minute President Donald J. Trump closed the travel doors from China, it became political, and it has not stopped since. 

If you don’t want the vax you’re automatically labeled as a Republican evangelical, redneck idiot. The other side gets the sheep label. The verbal attacks go both ways.

Jeanette B.

Masks at Restaurants

Love this article and appreciate it so much. I wish local restaurants and businesses would be more diligent about asking their servers and chefs to mask up as well. It would give me a better sense that they take my health and patronage seriously, and I would be happier to go to their restaurants. 

I have friends who, even though vaccinated, have not been out to eat since the Delta variant first appeared, which is a business loss for our local owners. 

I wonder how many restaurants locally do require their servers to mask up again. That would be a good list to have.

Nancy Norton

Thank You

I thank you so much for sending out your opinion. I whole heartily agree with you. I only hope that some will stop and think about what you have said.

My husband and I are in our late 60’s and have been following all the guidelines since day one. We are broken-hearted that our children are listening to those conspiracy theories and will not vaccinate. We have only seen our Children & Grandchildren once since Feb 2020. We had a family picnic outside last June.

Keep doing what you are doing and let’s hope that by some miracle Our Country gets through this Pandemic. 

Debbie Foss

Your Covid Editorial

Thanks for your comments (editorial). It was overdue. It’s a shame that we are still suffering because of the hype around covid.

Bob Koontz
Vero Beach


People are adamant about their opinions because:

  • 1931/ Dr. Cornlios Rhoalds of the Rocafella Inst. infected human subjects with skin cancer.
  • 1932/ The Tuskeegee Syphillis study infected 200 black men with syphilis and are never told of their illness and are denied treatment and die a horrible death.
  • 1940/ 400 prisoners in Chicago are infected with malaria.
  • 1942/ Mustard gas experiments on 4000 servicemen.
  • 1943/ Fort Detrick germ warfare program begins.
  • 1944/ Human subjects locked in gas chambers to test mustard gas.
  • 1945/ Project paperclip is initiated. CIA recruits NAZI scientists and offers them immunity and secret identities in exchange for work on top-secret projects in the United States.
  • 1946/ VA hospital patients are used as human guinea pigs.

Look this info up. Then you will realize why people doubt this virus. 

This is a BIOWEAPON. Get all the shots you want. It won’t help. Just my .02 cents. 

Dave K.

Great Editorial

Great letter on Covid!!!!!

Debbie Oldakowski
Barefoot Bay

Thank You!

Long time reader, first time e-mailer. I just wanted to thank you for your recent article posted about the vaccine and wearing masks. 

My girlfriend and I are both vaccinated and have continued to wear our masks indoors even when the CDC revoked the mandate a few months ago. We get nasty glares at Publix, Walmart, or anywhere we shop around town, and it boggles my mind how our community is shunning the protective measures to fight the COVID pandemic. 

Your voice has a great impact on our community and our circle of friends often talks about your wonderfully written articles. 

From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!  

Mike Traster

Your Editorial

Well stated. Thank you.

Dean Edwards

COVID-19 Editorial

I’ve been meaning to thank you for the editorial you wrote. I’m reading some of the responses posted on the 17th and, unfortunately, your voice of reason is being drowned out by misinformation and conspiracy theories. 

These are people who would rather listen to a lunatic who suggests injecting people with disinfectants instead of scientists who simply ask them to wear masks. As CNN anchor Brianna Keilar said, “Misinformation is a virus unto itself.”


Brad Raynor

Thank You

Thank you for your well-written article about some people’s opinions against the Covid-19 vaccination.  I totally agree with you. I am sorry that in response to your Opinion, some of the “letters to the editor” clearly do not agree with you, and some in no uncertain (and perhaps “harsh”) terms. 

Please don’t get discouraged and continue with your good work for all of us, the residents of our lovely City of Sebastian.

Dennis McNenney

Terrific article on Covid!

Thanks for sticking your neck out and taking a stand. Folks need to hear the truth.

Joy Coll
Vero Beach

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