Letters to the Editor: Government Response to Coronavirus

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

There’s a growing number of people who are very concerned about flights from New York to Vero Beach and Orlando.

Letters to the Editor for March 27, 2020.

Sebastian Daily,

Why is it that we are getting so little news about what is going on in this area? We need to know not only the number of cases of the virus in Sebastian, but in Indian River County, as well.

In addition, what is the governmental response at all levels?

What is the situation in our hospitals regarding readiness: Availability of supplies (masks, gowns, etc), staffing, number of dedicated beds for victims of the virus experiencing acute distress?

We need to know all of this and more!

Diana M.

WHY is Elite Airlines in Vero Beach not stopped from several daily flights only to and from New York and Newark with murderous numbers of passengers all through March with no screening, no restrictions?

This will make Treasure Coast another New York now. Adding more flights in April. They don’t clean, don’t sanitize. They must be closed down at once.

Travel from New York and Newark daily is criminal. We won’t survive this ongoing huge influx.

Let people know and demand they close now. This is criminal homicide to our coast. Tell everyone what we are facing from this DeSantis oversight.


Sebastian Daily,

I wish I had known about you sooner! I find your reporting reliable, trustworthy and a most refreshing change from what has become the norm.

I will continue to subscribe with all this is over.

Linda S.

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I really would appreciated knowing the area the Virus is active. Sebastian is on North line and could give us worry relief if most cases are in the southern area.

People might do more staying home if they knew. I am 87 and staying home.

I am thankful I can get out and work in yard and take walks.

Margret G.

It has been noticed by several residents of Sebastian that New Yorkers have just arrived and they have stated they will not self quarantine. The people involved have posted this on Instagram and Facebook.

Maybe the Governor should address this before we all get infected. It would not be good for Floridians to take this into their own hands.

Paul G.

Sebastian Daily Team,

Thank you for doing a great job not only with the updates but the daily repeated information on how the virus is transmitted. I hope people read the details.

Please keep it up,

Alan M.
Vero Beach

While we locals invite New Yorkers as well as folks from other states here for the season, it is irresponsible and arrogant that they are flooding here with no regard to their own states proclamation or other’s safety.

Imagine being a local that is infected, yet cannot be treated because one of these New York escapee’s has taken those services.

I pray it does not get to that point.

Thank you,

Stephen K.

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