Letters to the Editor for May 19, 2020

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor

Letters to the Editor in Sebastian, Florida. There’s another City Council meeting tonight at City Hall starting at 6:00 p.m.

I watched the special meeting Monday, 5/18, and I totally agree with Damien Gilliams. When Council members lose the trust and full faith of the other members and their constituents, they should step down.

Councilman Gilliams even said that his ego isn’t so big that it would keep him from resigning if he felt that his peers and constituents lost faith and trust in him. Now, that’s a true public servant.

Damien, can you feel me now? Do the right thing. We can’t afford you.

Gene Siwek

Dear Sebastian Citizens:

I have to admit that my wife and I are somewhat to blame for the current City Council issue. We are both 20+ residents and have voted in all of the past elections except the last one.

I can not apologize more.

A bit of advice though if you allow. I have worked many years for the county as a dept. head and have had to responsible for the education of committee members regarding Sunshine Law and enforcing compliance.

In short, with my limited review of the current Sunshine complaints, the 3 members were clearly not in compliance. The State AG office is investigating and will be looking at specific evidence as it pertains to the Sunshine Law. The AG office is very through and will eventually submit a finding. They have numerous Sunshine Law violation accusation to investigate.

If I had to guess in this situation, they will find the parties guilty and recommend a fine, a slap on the wrist, and “do not do it again.” Thus if the citizens of Sebatian are looking for the State to provide a solution for their problem, they will be wrong.

The citizens will need to commit to providing their own solution. One of two possibilities 1- A Recall election for city Council members or 2- Wait for the next election and VOTE.


Brad Bernauer

The City Council meeting on Monday, 18 May, 2020 was four hours of ranting and raving by one individual (Damien Gilliams) on every item but the one we were supposed to be talking about.

How hypocritical can you get, Mr. Gilliams, to then demand that the public stick to the item at hand? The rules are for everyone, including Council Members. Because of Mr. Gilliams need to dominate the conversation, we could not manage to get through 1 agenda item in four hours.

If it is his intent to wear down the public with the hope we lose interest, it is having the opposite effect. The citizens of Sebastian are very aware of what is going on and we are not happy that 3 Council Members are currently under criminal investigation for violation of the Sunshine Law.

Mr. Gilliams’ reckless use of Council and public time is making the recall petition easily attainable.

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Ms. Parris…you really need to get a lawyer because you clearly have no idea how much trouble you are in. To not understand that ab initio means the meeting had no legal validity from the beginning (translate to illegal) means that you truly didn’t understand Judge Croom’s orders.

The State Attorney will eat you alive in a criminal case and Barfield & Petersen will hit your wallet and personal credibility in the civil case.

Mr. Mauti, I believe you really would like to make amends for your indiscretions, and I heard and accept your apology to the public last night. It’s not too late to show the public that you really have heard us and know the difference between right and wrong. Please vote NO on Gilliams motion tonight.

Due to the emergency declaration, there was nothing wrong with any decisions to cancel meetings. The people crashed the City server with requests to cancel the meeting. Mr. Mauti, you may want to consider resigning and run to the State Attorney and tell them everything you know. The first one there will get the best deal, and it’s so clear that you are not the ring leader. You actually would be a hero if you resigned because it would bust up the 3 votes Damien is counting on. It would also be best for your health as it is clear you are struggling right now.

When you are elected as a Council Member, you are given the title The Honorable. There was absolutely nothing honorable about your 10-minute meeting on April 22nd that is being criminally investigated by the State Attorney’s Office.

There is nothing honorable about ignoring the 1,500 people asking you to cancel the meeting. There is nothing honorable about Gilliams, Parris, and Mauti locking us out of an unadvertised meeting in order to make Damien Mayor and fire three charter officers.

There is nothing honorable, in fact, it is pathetic and sick, to take advantage of the Corona Virus Pandemic in order to further personal agendas and gain personal power.

There is nothing honorable in having a narcissist dominate the meeting with incoherent ramblings and nonsense, trying to justify his bad behavior. The ratings for the Damien Show are in the toilet, ready to be flushed.

Mr. Gilliams and Ms. Parris RESIGN NOW. Mr. Mauti … resignation might be the honorable thing to do.


Andrea Coy

Great reporting Sebastian Daily!

As in any government the leaders who truly want to serve the people must always prevail against the politicians who want to rule the people!


Herc Madooky

Damien Gilliams is an idiot! He doesn’t pay his taxes and totally dismisses the wishes of the citizens of Sebastian.

He, Mauti, and Parris must immediately be removed from the city council.

G. Benedict

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