Scammers Target Vero Beach To Retrieve Money For Jury Duty

Vero Beach scammers collect money from people who falsely failed to appear for jury duty.
Vero Beach scammers collect money from people who falsely failed to appear for jury duty.

VERO BEACH – There’s a growing number of telephone scams targeting victims in Vero Beach by falsely stating they failed to appear for jury duty and must pay money to avoid an arrest.

The Clerk’s Office in Indian River County has also become aware of the phone scams to Vero Beach victims.

There is also an email scam informing victims with a “Notice to Appear, ” or a Summons attached demanding the victim to go to court, but these emails have a virus attached to them that infects the victim’s computer.

“The Clerk’s Office is reminding every citizen to remain vigilant to telephone and email scams,” Jeffrey Smith, Clerk of Circuit Court and Comptroller, wrote in a letter. “Scrutinize every call or email you receive.”

The Clerk’s Office does not use a telephone call to discuss a juror’s failure to appear, nor would it demand payment in lieu of an arrest.

Jury Summons are mailed to the address on file with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles.

Juror’s who do not appear may be held in contempt of court and any such notice will be made in writing and mailed to the juror.

The Clerk’s Office would not use an email as a means to transmit a Notice to Appear, Summons, or other similar documents for any court case.

While the Clerk’s Office does make phone calls to discuss fines or fees due, it would not accept a payment over the phone. Instead, the Vero Beach citizen would be directed to contact a payment processor vendor known as nCourt to make a payment.

Should anyone need to verify a phone call or notice from the Clerk’s Office, the Indian River County Clerk’s Switchboard can be reached in Vero Beach at 772-770-5185.

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