Men Steal $2,000 In Prepaid Cards From Vero Beach Walmart

Two men walk into the Walmart store in Vero Beach and steal $2,000 in Visa prepaid cards.
Two men walk into the Walmart store in Vero Beach and steal $2,000 in Visa prepaid cards.

VERO BEACH – A loss prevention officer at the Walmart store in Vero Beach contacted the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office after two men stole $2,000 in prepaid Visa cards.

The men entered the Garden Center at the Vero Beach store and selected four prepaid Visa cards.

Once at the register in the Garden Center, the men asked the cashier to load each card with $500 for a total of $2,000.

“Once the register prompts for payment, the suspect who presented the cards then inquires about the bags of charcoal that were located away from the register,” the deputy said.

The suspect called the cashier to him and asked for help with the charcoal. While away, the second suspect reached around the register and entered “exact cash” on the register and then takes the prepaid Visa cards and receipt.

“Once the transaction is finished, the drawer opens and the second suspect closes it and runs for the exit,” according to the report.

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The first suspect briefly says something to the cashier before exiting through the Garden Center.

The Vero Beach suspects are described as two black males, one younger and the other older.

Video surveillance showed the men arriving and leaving the Walmart store in a gray car.

Walmart believes that one of the men who wore a red shirt either works at a Walmart or was previously employed because of his knowledge with the register.

The case is an open investigation.

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