Woman searching for answers about father who lived in Sebastian

John Hobbie used to live in Sebastian, Florida.
John Hobbie used to live in Sebastian, Florida.

SEBASTIAN – A woman is searching for anyone who knew her father, John Hobbie, when he lived in Sebastian, Florida in the 1990s.

Christina Kelly, who lives in Baltimore, Maryland, says she never had the chance to know her father before he passed in 1995 in Louisville, Alabama. She is searching for someone who may have known him that could answer some questions.

“My father was a bit of a vagabond and moved a lot and never stayed anywhere for more than a few years from what I can tell. I was able to find out that he lived in Sebastian,” Kelly told Sebastian Daily.

After exhausting all resources, she had no choice but turn to social media and the press in hopes of reaching someone that could help.

“He usually worked odd jobs in construction. If someone knew him they most likely met on a job or at the bar,” Kelly said.

Kelly said there’s a mystery found on her father’s funeral guest book, which was recently sent to her after his wife passed.

“A son is listed as his child, but no one, not even his own family, knows why that name is there,” she said.

Kelly may have a biological brother that she knew nothing about, although none of his family know anything. Kelly’s father didn’t keep in contact with the family much during his travels.

John Hobbie was approximately 38 to 40 years old when he lived in Sebastian.

If anyone has any information, please contact Christina Kelly via email at [email protected].

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