Barefoot Bay Man Catches Nosy Neighbor On Video

Man gets fed up with nosy neighbor and records him in Barefoot Bay.
Man gets fed up with nosy neighbor and records him in Barefoot Bay.

SEBASTIAN – Those who live in Barefoot Bay in Micco usually keep to themselves, as it’s a quiet community with great people who love to help others.

But there is always that one nosy neighbor, and one Barefoot Bay resident had enough.

Dave (whose last name we’re withholding) decided to record it. He asked the neighbor, named Don, to leave his property. When Dave asked the neighbor to leave his property, Don said, “it ain’t yours.” When Dave told him he lives there and has a lease, the neighbor asked to see it.

“I’m only 30 years old, and these people are twice my age. They are nothing but a bunch of parlor trick games, and schoolyard shenanigans,” said Dave.

Dave is down from Martha’s Vineyard and plans to go back to his 27-foot sailboat for the summer. Dave said he only came down here to chill and has been living in a “hostile environment” with his neighbors.

“I’m fed up with him. These people have nothing better to do. Yes, I fix bikes from time to time. It’s not like I got a stack of tires piled up,” he said.

Dave stated that his neighbor just walked up to his porch and that’s when he began filming.

Here’s the video:

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