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Salty’s Closes In Sebastian Without Notice

Salty's in Sebastian has closed without notice or reason.
Salty's in Sebastian has closed without notice or reason. (Photo: Andy Hodges)

SEBASTIAN – It’s a sad day for many who worked at Salty’s, and the patrons who loved the establishment.

On Sunday, several people reported that Salty’s was closed in Sebastian.

Soon after that, more people said the Bar & Grill was closed for good, without notice.

All of this comes at a weird time when the area is in season and the fact that our staff from Sebastian Daily visited the business last Friday.

We were at Salty’s to conduct a review for an upcoming article, which already placed the Bar & Grill high on the list for best atmosphere and its awesome view on the river.

In this photo, the staff from Sebastian Daily visited Salty's last Friday to conduct a review.
In this photo, the staff from Sebastian Daily visited Salty's last Friday to conduct a review. (Photo: Andy Hodges)

On their Facebook page, Salty’s posted:

Thank you for business and wonderful support over the past few years. We are sad yet excited to announce that we are downsizing so that we might begin to enjoy semi-retirement.

Salty’s is officially closed for business.

On the upside, we hope to bring the community another wonderful and exciting restaurant around the first of the New Year 2018. Stay tuned and we hope you will be as receptive and supportive of the new and exciting riverfront restaurant to come as you have been for us and our family.

According to word on the street, a lot of people didn’t like their food. We also spoke with some people today who thought the food was good. So, there are mixed reactions.

And we spoke to some people who thought the staff and management were great, while others blamed management for the restaurant closure.

On Facebook, there are numerous complaints from people about Salty’s, more bad than good.

But some bar and restaurant owners on Indian River Drive have a different take.

The location has a great view on the river.
The location has a great view on the river. (Photo: Andy Hodges)

“It’s not as easy as people think, and just being on the water isn’t guaranteed success. High overhead for that location,” John Campbell, owner of Tiki Bar & Grill said.

“I just hate to see people trash good people that tried. The conditions/situations will make you try things you never thought you would,” Campbell added.

In two years, the business changed twice.

However, the property still has great potential and can be spectacular with the right formula. We don’t know for sure if there are new owners, but we’ll know in time.

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About Andy Hodges
Andy Hodges was born in Annapolis, Maryland and raised in Jupiter, Florida. Andy has been a radio & TV personality since the 1980s. He has worked for WLIZ, WFLX-FOX 29, WIRK, WIXI, WKSY, WRMF, and WJNO to name a few. After spending 7 years in Atlanta, Georgia during the 1990s, Andy returned to Florida and settled in the small town of Sebastian in 2000. In 2005, he returned to the broadcasting news sector and eventually joined our news team in 2016 as editor in chief. Andy's family has lived in Sebastian for more than 45 years.