Grind & Grape in Vero Beach faces scrutiny over ‘littered confetti’

Grind + Grape confetti from New Year's Eve in Vero Beach, Florida.
Grind + Grape confetti from New Year's Eve in Vero Beach, Florida.

Residents and business owners in Vero Beach are asking Grind & Grape to clean up the confetti they left in the streets from their New Year’s Eve party.

“Maybe head out on the streets and clean the mess that you did? What a shame. If they can clean up NY Times Square, then surely you could clean up this mess. Our town has a hard enough time keeping it clean from others you being a business out on the island is no exception,” Tracy Lynn Johnson wrote on Grind + Grape’s Facebook page.

As of January 2nd at 2:00 p.m., the NYE confetti can be seen on the sidewalks and street. A patron reported that they shot off the confetti and filled the establishment and public street on January 1st.

However, they never cleaned it up.

“Be responsible and clean the mess up properly,” Susan McGuigan said.

The pictures showing some of the confetti were posted on social media Thursday.

Confetti littered on streets in Vero Beach.
Confetti littered on streets in Vero Beach.

“Why don’t you go outside and clean your mess after your done? Ridiculous, and it’s not safe. Y’all should get fined,” Heather Johnson said.

“Hello, the street is still littered with the confetti you shot out all over it. Is it biodegradable? You are polluting our waters,” Leelee Havenlea wrote to Grind and Grape.

“When are you going to clean up the streets? You made the mess, you should clean it up, don’t you agree,” Cassie Beddow wrote on Facebook.

Last year, we published a Grind + Grape review showing that their New Year’s Eve ball was still up during the month of March.

Following the review, some patrons were banned by the establishment after they shared our review on Facebook.

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