Sebastian News & COVID-19 Update for 4/9/2020

Latest News & COVID-19 update for April 9, 2020, in Sebastian, Florida.

It’s 89 degrees and sunny. Tonight’s low will be 71. Rain chance increases on Friday.

County health official says we may peak in 2 weeks by April 21. If true, this is encouraging, but they also warn we’re not out of the woods yet.

People on the frontline and essentials workers are having a problem getting things like toilet paper. For 3 weeks, many essential workers who are working long hours at the hospitals can’t buy toilet paper because they feel the hoarders are buying it all up.

You can help stop the spread of the coronavirus by wearing a mask. Let’s terminate this virus once in for all. Thank you to everyone who is taking this virus seriously so that we can soon get on with our lives.

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