Letters to the Editor: Coronavirus in Sebastian

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

We’ve been receiving a lot of letters about the coronavirus. Most people are following the guidelines and staying home.

These are some of those letters.

Letters to the Editor for April 9, 2020.

Hey Sebastian Daily,

Plain white masks are boring. Why not suggest people (Kids) put smiles on those masks? Make this at least a little fun.

How about a mustache or BIG white teeth? What about lips?

Make masks fun for the kids, please.

James P.

Sebastian Daily:

I want to thank you very much for going above and beyond, keeping us the residents of Sebastian safe!

Your site has kept us informed. My calls to Indian River COVID 19 (772) 226-4000 information line was very disappointing. The needed information was not there.

I hope that the voters of Indian River County remember how our elected leaders reacted. Their “Everyone for themselves attitude ” was very selfish.

Thank you very much,

Nick H.

Sebastian Daily,

Thank you for the daily updates on the number of cases, both in our county, and Brevard. Also, they finally did give you a number for Sebastian!

I realize they are not precise, and some tests are pending. But thanks again for keeping on it for all of us.

Deb J. (faithful reader and listener)

I know churches are not affected by “Stay At Home,” but why would a Church not have online or drive-thru services?

Sebastian Christian Church on Day Ave has held services 2 weeks in a row. I think it is irresponsible and a slap in the face to the rest of us staying home.

Shame on those people! God can hear you in your home just as well as the church.

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Dear Editors:

I don’t feel me staying from my job is helping since Florida is letting cruise ships dock in our state.

It isn’t right, at least very upsetting.

Sissy I.

Dear Editor,

I saw on your broadcast today that healthcare people are having a hard time getting TP. It is available on Amazon.

Thanks for your daily broadcasts.

John L.

Come on people of Sebastian. You need to be wearing face masks when you are out walking, especially down on Indian River Drive.

Over 70 people walking last night and no one had a mask on. Think about others besides yourself!

Patricia M.

Sebastian Daily,

Thank you for the updates. They are important to all of us, so we know the truth about what is happening in Sebastian.

Dorothy S.

WHY on earth are the county parks and conservation areas still open?!! Especially the restrooms?!! Seriously?! Who the heck is in charge of this fiasco?

You know if everyone worldwide stayed home for 2 months straight we could actually get rid of this thing! And I read there was a reporter asking the question: “Why don’t they close supermarkets and drugstores as well?”

Well, people have to eat, but yeah, they could actually close everything CLOSE EVERYTHING to the public and then just have people order things for delivery and have people working to fill those delivery orders!

The workers would stay safer that way, and the population wouldn’t have to go out at all! Deliver to outside the front door, text when it’s there (like instacart does). And only be allow everyone to walk around their own neighborhoods outside and nowhere else.

If the entire world did this, we could actually get rid of this thing! Then they’d have a vaccine developed before it came back again!

Debra B.

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