Top 5 Best Fish and Chips in Sebastian, Florida

The top 5 best Fish and Chips in Sebastian, Florida.
The top 5 best Fish and Chips in Sebastian, Florida.

SEBASTIAN – Our top 5 best list of Fish and Chips meals at restaurants in or around Sebastian, Florida.

This list also includes our local servicing area of Micco and Grant.

There were a lot of restaurants from Grant to Sebastian that didn’t make our list for a variety of reasons, including the quality/quantity of fish and the amount of batter.

For example, restaurants that used heavy portions of fried batter cooked with a small amount of fish didn’t do very well; also, fish that was dry or overcooked hardly ranked with our judges. Our judges believe that the restaurants that used excess batter and less fish should not rank as well as the others.

We recommend all the Fish and Chips on this list. They were all excellent quality, just cooked differently.

The Top 5 Fish and Chips in Sebastian, FL:

  1. The Old Fish House
  2. Portside Pub & Grille
  3. Chubby Mullet
  4. Tiki Bar & Grill
  5. Captain Hiram’s Resort (Blackfins)

The Old Fish House and Chubby Mullet (owned by the same company) were almost the same. We felt the batter, and the size of fish was better at The Old Fish House than Chubby Mullet. The batter is very light, and the fish was flaky.

“Our fish is fresh, and it changes depending on what’s available. Sometimes its grouper, mahi, snapper, or others,” The Old Fish House General Manager Don Pinder told Sebastian Daily.

Also, Portside Pub & Grill had a fantastic batter on their fish. They serve it with steak fries, similar to the English chip.

“The fish is lightly breaded, and then it goes into a very light batter, then it goes into the breading again. When you do that, you can put it in baskets in the frier. Otherwise, the batter becomes glued. Our steak fries are equivalent to the English chip, which are softer and less soggy,” Portside Pub & Grill owner Jonathon Preece told Sebastain Daily.

We enjoyed all five places, but The Old Fish House and Portside Pub & Grill scored best with our judges.

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