Stuffed Clams at Chubby Mullet in Micco

Stuffed Clams at Chubby Mullet in Micco, Florida.
Stuffed Clams at Chubby Mullet in Micco, Florida.

The stuffed clams at Chubby Mullet in Micco are a great appetizer, but it can be filling as a complete meal.

We set out to find something different and found ourselves sitting at Chubby Mullet, just north at the Sebastian Inlet Marina, on U.S. Highway 1 in Micco.

Each time we visit this place, it’s always clean, with friendly staff and delicious food. It has a unique view like no other, and we certainly enjoy being inside where it’s cool this time of year.

We ordered the Stuffed Chubby Clams as our appetizer. Whenever I see something on the menu that says “stuffed,” I automatically assume it’s mostly breadcrumbs. I was curious; it’s filled with manchego cheese, bacon, and bread crumbs they call “homemade.”

When the dish came out, the shells were extremely hot, so be careful when handling at first.

As I stuck my fork into one of the clams, it was loaded with cheese, bacon, ham, and other ingredients. There wasn’t much breading at all, and I guess that’s why they call it their “homemade bread crumbs.” It was a filling appetizer.

The dish is served with five large clams for $10. If you like clams, we encourage you to try this dish.

Now, keep in mind, that Chubby Mullet still serves food on paperware and plastic forks. It is temporary until Brevard County installs the new sewer line in Micco. They are on septic, just like most establishments along U.S. Highway 1 in Micco and Grant.

In addition, a new Tiki Bar will be going in next to the Chubby Mullet along the waterline. The Tiki Bar is also contingent on the county installing the sewer line.

The Chubby Mullet Bar and Grill is located at 8685 US Highway 1 in Micco, just north over of the Sebastian River Bridge.

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