Letters to the Editor: Sunshine is leaving Sebastian’s fair city during pandemic

Letters to the Editor in Sebastian, Florida.
Letters to the Editor in Sebastian, Florida.

Sebastian residents are dealing with job losses and business closures while the City Council wants taxpayers to pay for their health insurance. This is happening while they are trying to remove the Mayor for doing his job.

Meanwhile, there’s a worldwide pandemic and we’re ordered to stay at home.

Letters to the Editor for April 17, 2020.

Planned Removal of Mayor Dodd

This meeting should be cancelled because it is held during the Governor’s stay at home edict.

This prevents voters and other citizens from attending in person as a group to try and head off a planned removal of Mayor Dodd as Mayor (and maybe additional city employees).

Sunshine seems to be leaving our fair city as dark forces conceive to take over Sebastian from top to bottom. It would be deemed fair if they were honest and qualified but they are not fit to manage our great little city.

Please cancel this meeting until the Covid Virus subsides and we all (a majority) can be there to look them in the eye.

The City Manager should cancel this closed meeting. Let the Sun Shine on their actions.

Terry M.

Councilman Mauti

I am writing this email to all of the Sebastian City Council´┐╝ with the hope that character, sense of duty and self awareness will prevail.

The newly requested agenda item by Councilman Charles Mauti to rescind his organizational meeting vote, is in light of the current state of our country fighting a global pandemic is a lack of responsibility of which we have never seen.

Our state and country are under a “state of emergency.” Where our federal, state and local leaders have implored us as citizens to restrict our movement to our most basic needs, such as food, pharmacy and only very ‘essential’ movement until it is safe to move and assemble.

This is an unprecedented time, and yet Mr. Mauti has decided that he wants to rethink his vote for leadership of this council at a time when public assembly is an actual health risk for anyone to have a voice and represent themselves in person at a city meeting. This is an utter lack of regard for our safety, or families safety and the residents of Sebastian whom a great many are up in years and in the high risk category.

Sadly and dangerously Mr. Mauti has decided to loose his independence and what is left of his reputation and knowingly try with the underhanded help of the other two disreputable council members in a power grab while in the midst and absolute height of a public health crisis.

This selfish and dangerous disregard for the city in which they sought to serve is horrific.

In effect they are forcing good people into the public square and to assemble against what our leaders, both in health and public government have implored is against for our own safety. Mr. Mauti should rescind this agenda request based on actual leadership, public safety and a respect for the welfare for the citizens of Sebastian whom he claims to represent.

‘If’ this agenda item and impending vote is to remove a gentleman who has served honorably and with character, as well as solid judgement in these very difficult times succeeds … this will be a dark time for our city. This baseless and soon to be proven politically driven stunt could cost someone their health, maybe their life.

History, the citizens of Sebastian and the great staff of this city, their families will remember this and you especially, in a harsh way.


Michael F.

Damien Gilliams will walk over people to become Mayor

Councilman Damien Gilliams is a dangerous man who wanted to become Mayor and is using other people to accomplish his agenda. Lord help us if he ever serves as Mayor, because he will bring this town down lower than it already is.

Gilliams has already walked over people thinking he will become Mayor. Did anyone else receive a business card from him during the Clam Bake in 2019? It was a card that asked people to call the other council members and ask them to vote for Damien as Mayor. This is very illegal and he got away with it.

What about his phone? He reset his phone, deleting all records, and said it was hacked. Did anyone believe this nonsense? Wake up Sebastian!

Sam Y.

What is wrong with Pamela Parris?

What is wrong with Parris?? Can she truly be that self entitled as well as completely idiotic? As well as Gilliams & Mauti.

Sweet Jesus, THESE are the kind of moronic fools we end up with when only 18% show up to vote. I did NOT, nor anyone else I know vote for them.

Ann B.

What were you thinking?

I am sitting in Vero watching the City Council Soap Opera from our sister city and asking: Sebastian voters, What were you thinking???

Pat B.
Vero Beach

Pamela Parris Wants Health Insurance

Another politician looking for what she can get, rather than serve!

She needs to go along with Gilliams…

Helene C.

Pamela Parris Wants Health Insurance

We shouldn’t have to pay for their health insurance. They have full time jobs that can offer them health insurance so that the city doesn’t have to worry about it, if they don’t like it, they can always resign.

Keith A.

Pamela Parris Wants Health Insurance

Aside from the “Sh** Show” they put on at City Council Meetings, what makes her believe they deserve or should be compensated with Health Insurance?

Dennis J.

Pamela Parris Wants Health Insurance

How about talking about the people your supposed to serve rather than yourself .. people with no jobs, businesses hurting and the 1st thing you worry about is yourself.

So much for public servant.

Mikey R.

Pamela Parris Wants Health Insurance

We need to be helping the people in our community make ends meet. Now is NOT the time to whine about what a certain few on the council feel they are entitled to!

Lorraine C.

Pamela Parris Wants Health Insurance

I think, my opinion, the meeting was purposely scheduled at this unfortunate time for a reason. Unbelievable. That woman is unbelievable.

Ellen N.

I have voted for Damien for the last few years. I am ashamed.

He and his compadre are an absolute nightmare.

Judy K.

Pamela Parris Wants Health Insurance

People in the city are without jobs right now and she wants the residents to foot her health insurance bill for her part time “work”?

Totally self serving.

Andrea M.

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