Letters to the Editor: Masking the Mandate, Giving Tree at McDonald’s

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor in Sebastian for Dec. 20, 2020.

Masking the Mandate

From the very beginning, our so-called Trusted Leaders and Medical Experts have been lying to us concerning everything Covid:

  • where it started
  • best treatments and prevention
  • trusting the Tests-SO MANY false positives
  • morbidity rates-really very low
  • inflated case numbers reported by “professionals, please define a Case“!

I consider the treatment (lockdowns, lost businesses, and livelihoods) much worse than the disease itself, WHICH is much less dangerous than many cases of flu we routinely experience.

I’m weary of this game that has so successfully been played on us. Since a small percentage of people (.3%) are predisposed to the diseases’ morbidity WHY PUNISH OUR WHOLE WAY OF LIFE for 9 months? 

I’m weary of being told to believe that the disease can “get you” if you enter a small business but not a giant retail store, stay out past curfew as if 10:00 pm is the Magic Hour!

This has absolutely nothing to do with good sense and good science. I know real science when I see it, AND THIS FIASCO IS NOT IT!

Sure, if YOU are predisposed to getting the disease, then wear your mask. Stop making me wear mine!

If my viewpoint upsets you, that’s your problem. Be a man and let others have their say without doxing or retaliation!

Chris Kebbel 

Giving Tree at Roseland McDonald’s

On behalf of our general manager Nicholas Adams, co-managers and the crew at Roseland McDonald’s, we would like to thank the generous community once again. 

The Giving Tree and food drive will continue until Dec. 23rd, but the community once again has amazed us with their generosity to help children and families to have a Merry Christmas, one they thought that they couldn’t have. 

It’s been a rough year for many of us, but it’s time for us to brush ourselves off and look to a positive future. My wish for all of you is a very Merry Christmas and a successful and Happy New Year and that we can all mend our differences and come together.

Frank Nolan

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