Letters to the Editor in Sebastian for May 1, 2020

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

A lot of things going on in Sebastian, Florida. Letters to the Editor are still pouring in!

We’ve been receiving more comments about the video of the illegal meeting held by Council members Charles Mauti, Damien Gilliams, and Pamela Parris. Sebastian residents are shocked.

We are working on publishing more letters later today and during the weekend.

Stay safe, practice social distancing, and wear a mask.

Here are the Letters to the Editor for May 1, 2020.

Thank you for your reporting

I am an interested snowbird. I own a condo, and my wife and I spend our winters in Sebastian. I guess one council person would call me a carpetbagger.

Thank you, Andy Hodges, for the frequent videos. Seeing you at the Tiki Bar, Riverview Park, etc. remind me of the places I miss when I’m not there at my second home.

I enjoy following your reporting, including COVID-19 and the city councilpersons’ potentially illegal activities daily.

I love Sebastian. I don’t know the political conflicts there, but I feel confident there are many residents who really care about the city and will prevail over those trying to use their political position to advance their personal agendas at the expense of their constituents.

George Spangler
Sugar Grove, OH and Sebastian FL

Damien Gilliams, Charles Mauti, Pamela Parris

I am a resident of Sebastian. I’m retired and have built a house and lived in Sebastian since 2013. I’ve been following this City Council, Mayor, City Manager, City Attorney and City Clerk fiasco that you have been publishing. Good job by the way and please keep reporting on this.

To replace a mayor for good cause is one thing but firing and replacing all these people at once seems ludicrous. I’m sure you have referenced this situation in past articles but how about a little background on the situation as to what in the he heck is going on. Hopefully you can get some kind of response or comment from these people as to why they are doing this. Have proper procedures been followed for just cause meetings, etc. etc. Any additional information would be very useful.

As a citizen of Sebastian I am very concerned when our elected officials act like this. This is just crazy. Thanks you for considering my comment.

Ken Gionet

Damien Gilliams, Charles Mauti, Pamela Parris

I am a snowbird and by some council members a carpetbagger, but I pay my taxes, and bet I pay more taxes than these council members do as I get no homestead exemption.

How did this group of three get voted in, and the people who did vote for them are the happy with how they are acting? I see that the term clown is used in referring to this group of three and it is sure seems like the right word to describe them.

It seems that this group is only concerned about what they can get out of being a council member and not what is good for the city. They need to be recalled and new members put in their place. The people of Sebastian deserve better.

This group of clowns make Sebastian look like a circus.

Mike McDonough

State Attorney Investigation

I have never been so glad to hear that these 3 people are being investigated by the state … now the citizens of Sebastian will finally be heard.

They have abused their power long enough.

Lynn Reid

Sebastian City Council

As a relatively new resident of Indian River County and with the recent stay at home, I appreciate the comedy skits several Sebastian City Council members provide for our entertainment.

I haven’t laughed this hard since I read about a mayor found naked and drunk outside on someone’s lawn.

I hope when life returns to normal these Sebastian City Council members get back to work for their residents and don’t plan to start a new TV reality series “7th Graders Take Over City Hall.”

Dave Davidson
Vero Beach

Council member Charles Mauti

I just don’t get what is going on in their heads. As if this city and country doesn’t have a lot more important issues to deal with than dealing with these 3.

Of the three I thought Mauti had a decent head on his shoulders. It sure seems as if something has changed since he was elected.

Laura Steward

Damien Gilliams, Charles Mauti, Pamela Parris


Kevin Culleny

Video of ‘Illegal Coup’ by 3 Sebastian City Council Members

These clowns need to be removed from the City Council. Looks like they have their own set of rules to follow.

Fred Yerkey

Video of ‘Illegal Coup’ by 3 Sebastian City Council Members

Article continues below ...

Is this the USSR or the City of Sebastian? When are these 3 members going to get the message and act responsibly and fulfill their commitment to the electorate?

Jeffrey Kracht

Video of ‘Illegal Coup’ by 3 Sebastian City Council Members

Just watched the illegal Sebastian Council meeting. The three council members are a joke they should all be removed from office.

One member, Damien Gilliams, didn’t even take his hat off while reciting the Pledge of Allegiance.

Gene DeMott

Video of ‘Illegal Coup’ by 3 Sebastian City Council Members

In the middle of a world-wide crisis, Sebastian council puts on a clown show. Our council must be putting on a clown skit to distract us from a world gone mad.

Robert Puglisi

Video of ‘Illegal Coup’ by 3 Sebastian City Council Members

Just recently moved from Vero Beach to our new home in Sebastian. After watching these clown’s form of governing … I may be sorry I left Vero!

This is the type of governing in the Ukraine … The Attorney Generals office should bar them permanently from holding office and give them jail time!

Video looks like a Mel Brooks movie … “Blazing Saddles” council portion in the movie. You can’t make these “Ne’er-do-wells” up! Very embarrassing for all the residents of Sebastian.

Captain Ron

Sebastian officials file injunction against 3 council members

How bizarre and arrogant. Those three are riding in a one horse cart. Real fingers point to the Jim Hill quadrant who shoved the annexation down out throats. Hope he and the other cohorts are happy. That allowed off kilter people to be elected.

What a mess, thank goodness there are legal sanctions.

Jennifer Mina

Time to Resign

Dear Vice Mayor Mauti, Councilmember Gilliams, and Councilmember Parris,

Because it is raining and the pandemic prevents socialization, I had nothing better to do today than to watch the video of your illegal meeting. Please thank the knucklehead for me that released your secret meeting video to the press.

I am enclosing the information I published on Facebook and Nextdoor in case you didn’t read it yet. I have had personal experience with the Sunshine Law and have published my experience for everyone to read. Please take a moment to see what you are facing. I am not a lawyer but you are up to your eyeballs with violation of FL Statute 286.011. To save yourself attorney fees and possibly get less fines and penalties, maybe you should consider taking a plea deal to save yourself. Tell the State investigators everything you know and squeal on all the folks that helped you communicate illegally amongst yourselves. They are conduits and have violated the law too. Here is my story that I published on Facebook.

I want to share some personal, first-hand information with you about the Sunshine Law. Shortly after I was first elected to City Council, Sal Neglia and I were both charged with violation of the Sunshine Law for an alleged discussion about Lawn Bowling on the Tennis Courts. I am not joking … Lawn Bowling on the Tennis Courts. The case was dismissed but here is what happens when you are charged. I had to hire my own attorney which was $5,000 out of my own pocket. This was later (much later) reimbursed by the City because the charges were dropped. Had I been found guilty, the cost would be all mine to pay.

My home phone records were pulled and during the “interviews” I was asked who I talked to and what we talked about on calls made 2 and 3 months ago. The questions were relentless and the whole situation was intentionally unpleasant. I am not complaining because the investigators were just doing their job. There was a trial and I found myself on the witness stand under oath. My phone was tapped in an effort to “catch” me violating the Sunshine Law.

The judge dismissed the case for lack of evidence – Yeah!

Now, take a moment to imagine having to go through this process. And by the way, your story has tons of evidence (City Hall video, Mayor Dodd & another eyewitness, a police report, video recording with audio by one of the Bobs…). This is not a game and the State Attorney investigation is serious. I would like to think that the State of Emergency will add additional eyeballs on your case and perhaps additional charges. Taking advantage of a public health emergency to serve your personal agenda is morally repugnant and a disgusting inner look at your depraved and corrupt character.

Do yourself a big favor. Save the taxpayers (and yourself) some money and RESIGN NOW. Plead guilty … take a plea deal … and get on with your life out of the public eye.

Good Luck – you really need a lot of it!

Andrea Coy

Sebastian Politics

We all await what is next regarding our Mayor Dodd and City Council. If possible, please update ASAP. It would be appreciated.

Thanks for your press letting us residents be aware of these goings on.

Ed Hugel

City Council

This whole fiasco with the city council. As far as Damian Gilliams goes you get what you vote for.

What do you expect when you vote in the owner of one of the city’s seediest bars. He cleaned it up yes but you gotta question the timing of it.

Paul Stovall


Public library. Transient and homeless. One with serious charges in December, in Barefoot Bay, all day in computer area daily. Bathroom duties at library. Now, library closed, camping out in front of library, on West side in Red van, another in white camper, now parks closed, they are living there. Access to free internet. A command post for last 3 weeks. Collections of food dropped off to the one on his bicycle.

Seems main library has its share also. Public place. Washing themselves in public restroom. There’s a reason they have no place to live. They scare me.

Walmart had these same ones in their parking lot. Now, they are here. Sebastian Inlet as well housed one of them. Pulling a gun in a neighbor, very scary sitting next to him when using the computer. Quite the dilemma.

Lisen Allocca

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