Letters to the Editor: “I applaud” you for cleaning up the facts and views about annexation

Letters to the Editor in Sebastian, Florida.
Letters to the Editor in Sebastian, Florida.

Letters to the Editor for November 4th, 2019.

I applaud your article of October 31, 2019

Dear Editor:

As a resident of Sebastian, Florida, for over 11 years and also a member of the City of Sebastian Plan & Zoning commission for 10 years, I applaud your article of October 31, 2019 “Stopping annexation will not stop Sebastian growth” for cleaning up the facts and views.

Those stated by Mayor Hill in your article are excellent points for all Sebastian residents to read and believe.

After reading and studying the over 40 pages of analysis, annexation drawings, and reports on the proposed annexation, it appalled me to hear and read the wildly exaggerated and false figures being stated and printed by people, some of whom were even residents of Sebastian.

Social media allows unscrupulous individuals to ‘publish false and mis leading information’ for their own gain or warped pleasure. We all should consider the source of everything we read.

Joel F. Roth
Sebastian, FL.

October 20th Letter from Board of the Sebastian Property Owners Association is Humorous

Dear Editor:

The October 20th letter from the Board of the Sebastian Property Owners Association is humorous.

They claim a history of small meetings, low membership, and inactivity until savior Damien Gilliams transformed it into his personal Political Action Committee, infusing it with anger against the elected Council and a passion for getting himself and a couple hangers-on into office.

I question as to whether the SPOA Board even contains the 10 members required by the By-Laws, especially since they chose to remain anonymous in the letter to Sebastian Daily.

As to the individuals’ knowledge of SPOA history, the database will show that Damien himself never joined SPOA until the end of 2017, just in time to become a Director in 2018.

Mary Ingul was a member in 2014 & 2015, and Bob Stephens was a member, though non-contributing, in 2016 & 2017; they both perhaps joined in 2019 in time to get elected, as the other 7 (if there are 7) Directors did who were never previously an SPOA member.

These people have no knowledge of the history of the organization.

My husband Adam and I joined in 2014 right after we moved to Sebastian and were active in meeting planning, publicity, and the maintenance of databases. The silly claim that Adam and I became VP and Secretary under Damien shows how clueless these “Directors” are. Adam and I were duly elected VP and Secretary early in 2018 so were officers long before Damien became even an interim officer in 2019.

You who claim to be directors probably care about Sebastian, but to think that your voices will be heard and will make a difference under the “leadership” of Damien Gilliams is absurd.

Cindy Geesey
Sebastian, FL

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