Letters to the Editor for Thursday, September 24, 2020

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor in Sebastian for Thursday, Septembers 24, 2020.

Good luck to new City Council

Dear Sebastian residents,

As the new members join the City Council, I hope we all can work together once again to better the city.

I realize a lot of friendships have ended, dislikes for certain people have grown. We need to put all this aside to help each other and help people who need a hand up.

If you know of anyone struggling for a meal, send them over to me, and I’ll take care of it.

It’s hard for us to say sorry to someone, so I’m going to be the first one. Several people think that I have ignored them or been rude when I have seen them. If you’re a certain distance from me, I can’t see you because I have been almost blind in my right eye. But that will change this week with surgery, and hopefully, I’ll be waving to you all once again.

Good luck to the City Council and to all of us.

Frank Nolan

Local Breweries

Andy Hodges’ editorial about supporting local breweries is spot-on. But the problem is antediluvian Florida laws supported by liquor distributors. We need strong laws to limit the sale of alcohol to minors but why do we need distributors that act like middlemen?

This unnecessary layer only raises the cost to consumers and prevents the free flow of goods. As an example, a recent article in 32963 Magazine described how Orchid Island Brewery can’t carry their products across the street to Citrus Grill without a distributor. These are the types of needless restrictions that stifle small business while enriching distributors. It’s past time to change the obsolete laws and let our entrepreneurs thrive.

John Crosby
Indian River Shores
And patron of all our local breweries

Indian River Rocks

The City of Sebastian has seen the underbelly of Leviathan. In fact, the entire world has seen it, and the entire world community is still trying to fight the monster, COVID-19. The City of Sebastian is just one of the billions of communities around the world, but like every other community in the world, we are unique.

I read your editorial about local breweries. I agree that it would be great if local restaurants and bars could support each other.

I personally can’t stand the smell or taste of beer, no matter who makes it, so I cannot support the local beer business. I also don’t frequent restaurants. That leaves me at a loss about how I am supposed to show support for the City of Sebastian during this pandemic.

And then, on my walk to Hardee Park, I found not one, but two, Indian River Rocks on the bridge.

Finding those delicately painted rocks inscribed with simply “Indian River Rock”, assured me that there is a vibrant community in the City of Sebastian. When I first picked up the two rocks, I thought about giving them to the two young children who live next door to me, so they could find a place to put them for someone else to find, but I decided that the best place for these two Indian River Rocks was the Little Free Library at the foot of my driveway.

Joanne Rein

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