Letters to the Editor for Sept. 27, 2021

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

These are the letter to the editor for September 27, 2021.

Your COVID-19 Editorial

Thanks for opening this topic. Those who do not wish to wear masks or get vaccines have every right to do as they choose. They do not, however, have the right to infect others. 

As for being “non-vax shamed,” that’s ridiculous. If they are convinced and free to make that choice, then they should be proud of having made a choice to the extent that they would WANT to be identified. 

With respect to there being a 99% recovery rate, I guess that’s just great unless one of that unfortunate and expendable 1 % happens to be in your family. 

Of the more than 600,000 people who have died ofthe virus in the U.S., 100% of them were infected by someone else! The Vaccine and masks are weapons to help eradicate this Covid Virus, not a government plot to trace your movements that can be done via your cell phone, credit cards, and discount cards.  

Every Vaccine we have used was at one time NEW. So, if you will not be vaccinated, the very least you can do is wear a mask and or keep your distance from those of us who have a community conscience.  

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It’s bad enough to be suffering a disease pandemic, but to be burdened with a pandemic of selfishness at the same time is truly heartbreaking.  

Every one of the thousands of men, women, and yes, children currently hospitalized is the victim of either their own misguided convictions or those of a selfish encounter. 

Yes, if you fear being “identified as a non-vaxer/non-masker,” it is just your conscience trying to guide you. Those who have been vaccinated and do wear masks have no fear of being identified as such. 

It is also our right to choose real science. Indeed, please do your research, and while you are at it, research the history of those who are quoted in those scare stories. 

Louise Kautenburg