Letters to the Editor for January 14, 2020

Public outrage continues over Damien Gilliams and Pamela Parris.
Public outrage continues over Damien Gilliams and Pamela Parris.

We are still receiving emails of public outrage and Letters to the Editor about council members Damien Gilliams and Pamela Parris. In other letters, Barefoot Bay residents receive over 5,000 life-saving fire alarms with help from the Red Cross.

Sunshine Law

Anyone can watch the video of Damien Gilliams and Pamela Parris during the Natural Resources Board meeting and see it was a Sunshine Law violation. They broke the law.

Mayor Dodd is right, they did that board a disservice.

These two clowns will never take accountability for their own actions. Damien blames it on Mayor Dodd who wasn’t at the meeting. They want to blame other people and press organizations.

Susan Holder

Re: Dishonest Council Members Damien Gilliams & Pamela Parris

What is it going to take to remove these two corrupt, lying, manipulative, dishonest embarrassments from the Sebastian City Council?

This once wonderful town is now the butt of jokes and an online laughing stock.

Please help make this nightmare go away.

John Gagnon

Re: Damien Gilliams & Pamela Parris

These People are a terrible representation for Sebastian residents, there must be a legal way to remove them from office immediately.

Dave Ravelin

Re: Sebastian City Council

Those three plus the guy who assaulted the police officer must go! This is intolerable behavior from people who represent Sebastian.

I don’t know who voted for these disgusting people but they should be ashamed of themselves. VOTE THEM OUT!!

Nanette Moore


We need to save Sebastian from Damien Gilliams and Pam Parris! They are not good for Sebastian.

One is a tax dodging crook, the other continues to lie about the press! She still thinks Sebastian Daily hacked her social media accounts. Tell the truth dizzy Pam!

My brother called me from Wisconsin after watching the last meeting on youtube. He says these council people are a joke!!

Roger Williams

5,000 Fire Alarms in Barefoot Bay

My absolute favorite part of our mission statement is “…the power of volunteers…”.

In these modern times, where most folks are working longer hours, more days, and multiple jobs… “free time” is not always a luxury. And when it is, we love to relax … lounge at the pool, go fishing, hang at the beach, or just spend quality time on the couch watching football.

I believe that it says a tremendous amount about a person that volunteers their time to help others…and the fact that you guys come out on a Saturday morning to make your community safer is just amazing.

Yesterday, because of your hard work and dedication, we installed another 70 free, life-saving smoke alarms and taught fire safety education in another 24 homes in Barefoot Bay. This brings our grand total to a mind-boggling 5,020 smoke alarms in 1,774 homes since we began in June 2017.

Let that sink in… FIVE THOUSAND life-saving smoke alarms installed by the power of volunteers in your community alone. Words can’t explain the monumental impact that you’ve made on your friends and neighbors, and I’m proud to work side-by-side with you to make it happen.

Preparedness is not always “visible”. We may never know if we have saved a life. The fire safety tips and education that we teach folks may follow them as they move away, and get passed on to their children and families…and may save their lives much farther down the road.

When disasters strike, we are flooded with images of volunteer organizations responding and helping communities recover, but it seems that the concept of preparedness and being prepared is harder to quantify and see results. But never doubt that our efforts to prepare families are every bit as critical.

The tremendous progress that we have made in almost 1,800 homes is creating a culture of preparedness in “the Bay.” Thank you, thank you, thank you for stepping forward to help your friends and neighbors.

I sincerely hope that there is never another home fire in your community, but it is comforting to know that we are giving folks a chance and giving them the knowledge and steps to take to be safer. See you all on February 1, and we’ll continue the journey.

Mike McElrath
Disaster Program Manager
American Red Cross – Florida’s Space Coast Chapter

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