Letters to the Editor: Damien Gilliams and Pamela Parris Violate Law, Incompetent

Damien Gilliams
Damien Gilliams

Last night’s City of Sebastian council meeting was ridiculous and an embarrassment. The day before, Damien Gilliams and Pamela Parris violated Sunshine Laws. More information coming shortly. They are both incompetent.

Letters to the Editor for January 9, 2020.

I was at the City Council meeting, and it was a total embarrassment for our City.

Councilman Damien Gilliams has absolutely no idea of how a City Council Meeting is supposed to run. He has no thought for order and I think he just loves to hear himself talk! He would argue so much that he forgot what he was talking about.

He’s a joke and councilwoman Pamela Parris is his faithful bobble head. She just looks at him and nods, she has no idea what’s going on.

I feel so sorry for our City Manager who has to take orders from these incompetent grand standers, and the City attorney was nothing more than a referee breaking up fights.

I did stand up during public input and ask for the council to fire Mr. Robert Bedea from the Natural Resource Board. It’s terrible that a man that attacks our police officers can then be given his position back representing the City, and the police officer and Chief of Police are not allowed to have their say neither was the residents.

I also questioned Gilliams about his practice of not paying his taxes, if it’s a business decision then it’s a bad one because you lose a lot of money. And he’s going to be voting on our budget?

I also asked Pamela to stop blaming everyone else for her own mistakes because it makes it very hard to believe her. Take responsibility Pamela! There is way more integrity in that than a lie.

And Gilliams. GROW UP it’s embarrassing to have a man child on our City Council.

Tracey Cole

Sebastian Daily needs to keep reporting the facts as they have always done and let the results fallout where they may.

Charlie Ballases

Parris Parris and Damien Gilliams need to go!

One lies and the other one swears to it. They will never change.

They are bad for Sebastian!!

Nanette Moore

Damien Gilliams never changes.

He’s a manipulative, egotistical jackass.

Surprised he’s able to do anything in this city.

Wanda Douglas-Vickers

Pamela Parris, I warned you about violating Sunshine Laws. You assured me that you wouldn’t break the law.

Still no surprises and it’s only been a month.

Brian Maxson

Pamela Parris is a delusional idiot. Can’t keep her lies straight, blames others for her words and actions and apparently blindly does whatever Damien Gilliams tells her to do.

As I’ve said before, this is what happens when voters are apathetic.

Dan Stanicki

Pamela Parris is a puppet.

I don’t care what information Damien Gilliams had about the board member, an assault on a police officer does not warrant a seat on a board in any municipality!


Ann Lucier

Go to Pamela Parris’ Facebook page. It’s plainly obvious that she’s an idiot.

And she has no one to blame for that but herself.

She must be something else as a realtor, if details elude her this easily.

Charles Cavender

Pamela Parris can’t even lie competently.

She is insulting our intelligence.

Jim O’Neal

Wow. now Pam Parris is saying she does not even know what she is voting on….hmmm just maybe you should take your position a little more seriously.

Even spider man knows with great power comes great responsibility…

Derek Harkins

This person Pamela Parris is an idiot and a LIAR plain and clear.

Great job 18 % of Sebastian.

Christopher Nunn

Pamela Parris is either a schizophrenic or sociopath. How could you not research anything and then say she was Hacked?

I’m sorry but she does not belong in office, the woman is the pathological liar, who in God’s name would ever buy a house from her or trust whatever she says.

She’s a disgrace to Sebastian. I still can’t understand how someone with DUIs gets in office.

Rosemary Rosie

Damien Gilliams, I watched the meeting from home. You need to grow up and learn how to conduct yourself.

I feel bad for the Mayor having to deal with you. Use your good intentions more graciously.

Mary McBride

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