Letters to the Editor: COVID-19 Death

Letters to the Editor
Letters to the Editor

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COVID-19 Death

I lost a good friend and former co-worker to the COVID-19 virus last week. He and I worked at a large retail box store on US Route-1. He was a great guy, and he did good work. What is so sad is that it was unnecessary. He never got to retire. He died while being employed.

The problem here is that the store operates as though nothing happened. There are still many unvaccinated people working there, and the public doesn’t know that someone there DIED because of the virus. Typhoid Mary infected thousands, yet she herself was not affected. This pandemic is far worse. 99.7% of the people dying of COVID are unvaccinated. Ask any nurse. Once they come into that ward, none of them walk out.

I have lost too many old friends due to this virus… and it’s getting worse.

This isn’t a matter of personal choice. It’s a matter of public health. In New Hampshire, there is no seatbelt law. Many people have died because they got in accidents and were not wearing a seat belt. They didn’t take out hundreds of others when that happened. It was their choice.

The virus will never go away unless:

  1. Everybody gets vaccinated, or 
  2. All the unvaccinated die.

I guess you could call that a choice.

Statistics say that there is a 0.00189% chance of dying from the vaccine. According to the National Weather Service, a person has a 1-in-15,300 chance of getting struck by lightning in their lifetime, defined as an 80-year span. 

So, statistically, you are FAR more likely to get struck by lightning… as my grandmother can attest to that, having been struck twice by lightning and lived to 101. 

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Suffice to say; the vaccine is safe and effective.

Richard Armstrong

Constitutional Rights?

COVID-19 is deadly. I lost an uncle and friend to this deadly disease. If you ever doubt the effects may you never hear them dying gasping for a breath as my mother did with her brother.

My friend was young and extremely healthy but it took her in days. Schools are closing, our young children are dying because parents choose not to mask or vaccinate.

This is not an argument about your “constitutional rights”. This is about the uncaring, selfish narcissistic human beings you have become. You have no regards for others.

Every time you go out unvaccinated and unmasked you put hundreds of lives at stake. I really don’t care if you get the disease but I do care for the children. 

You say your child cannot wear a mask because he has asthma?  My 10 year old grandson has asthma so severe he uses a nebulizer frequently but he wears his mask 6 hours a day at school. His doctor told my son if he caught the virus it would kill him.

Stop making excuses and grow up. In a case like this your rights don’t matter human decency does.

Lisa Sargent