Letters to the Editor: Cases of Coronavirus in Sebastian, Indian River County

Letters to Editor
Letters to Editor

Letters are flooding in this week already about the coronavirus and our local reporting.

We will get through this difficult time. As we’ve said in our reports and live newscast, there’s no reason to fear or panic if you’re doing everything to help stop the spread of this virus. We remain optimistic!

Dear Sebastian Daily,

The 1st case of covid19, was in Vero Beach.

The lady flew in on a private plane into piper. The lady lives in the community of Windsor.

Irresponsible to say at the least.

We residents do the right thing, others do as they please infecting our county. She should be held accountable as should the man.

As a taxpayer, I have a RIGHT to know what town these infectors reside, so shouldn’t other residents of the community.


Colette D.

Sebastian Daily:

Thank you for the coronavirus updates. They are important.

Caroline G.

Dear Editors,

Thank you for the daily updates!

Also great to read about the drive-up. Thank you for posting the phone numbers also!

Great help you are.

Deb J.

Sebastian Daily:

If we don’t close Florida’s borders there are going to be many more cases. We should only allow services required to come to Florida.

Article continues below ...

Everyone in New York wants to travel south so they can get better health services. The governor has taken steps regarding travelers by plane, but what about those who are driving?

Maggie D.

Dear Editors,

The abuse customers unleash on staff during this time is newsworthy. I would love to see an article about this as I’m sure the majority of the Sebastian population would as well.

It would be very interesting.

Thank you.

Tee B.

Dear Sebastian Daily:

Hi. Do you know if there is a charitable program in effect to feed children who are missing school meals in Barefoot Bay and surrounding area?


Herc M.

Good afternoon Sebastian Daily,

Thank you for doing a great job not only with the updates but the daily repeated information on how it’s transmitted.

I hope people read the details.

Please keep it up.

Alan M.
Vero Beach

Sebastian Daily:

The best local news over television and other media outlets. Right to the point with numbers and facts.

You have earned my trust. Thank you for being realistic and calm with your reporting.

Donald L.

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