Letter to Editor: School Bus Crisis in Indian River County

Indian River County School Buses.
Indian River County School Buses.

Dear Editor:
Good day. My name is Atticus, and I attend Sebastian River Middle School. I am an Indian River resident.
I am writing to report an issue many residents have to deal with in IRC. There has been a major bus transportation crisis that began in January of 2019. This is causing many students to get home much later than they should be. This caused disruptions for families of young children who cannot be dropped off at a bus stop without an adult there to receive them. Sometimes these buses are more than 30 minutes late getting kids home.
Some kids are left at schools waiting for buses to return back so that they can do a second load. This means teachers are now having to stay and monitor kids at schools who are waiting for their bus. It really makes things difficult at the end of the school day.
We are about to start the new school year, and I hope that the transportation department has come up with some solutions for this year.
Thank you for taking the time to read my letter.
Atticus M.
Sebastian, Florida

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