Sebastian food truck employee steals firearm from owner

Mark Nathan Braun
Mark Nathan Braun

A Sebastian man was arrested for grand theft after he allegedly stole a firearm from the home of his employer.

The Sebastian Police Department received a call about a stolen Glock 27 and a couple of loaded magazines with a case. The homeowner told the police she left the firearm in her closet and did not give anyone permission to take the weapon or ammo.

The homeowner, who also owns a Cajun food truck business, said she went out of town, and her boyfriend and two employees had access to the home.

The boyfriend stated that one of her employees, 45-year-old Mark Nathan Braun, was acting strangely after the theft.

The business owner stated that she gave Braun the garage door opener to access her residence to get specific items to run the Cajun food truck. But while out of town, she received a call from one of her clients about Braun.

“While catering a party, Braun and the other employee were acting oddly and were possibly under the influence of narcotics. [The owner] had her boyfriend respond to the food truck’s location and drive it back to her address,” the officer said.

The home and business owner then asked Braun to bring back the garage door opener while the police were there. He agreed and said he would be in a blue Ford Mustang like the just listed classic Mustang convertibles.

While waiting for Braun to arrive, police located the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop.

“I observed Braun sitting in the passenger front seat of the Mustang. Braun appeared to be possibly under the influence of narcotics. He was heavily sweating, unable to stay awake, and slurring his words. Due to the involvement of a firearm, Braun and the driver were asked to exit the vehicle,” the affidavit said.

As Braun was exiting the vehicle, the officer observed a black Glock gun case on the floorboard by his feet. A K-9 was then utilized and indicated the presence of narcotics in the vehicle.

“A search of the vehicle was conducted, and inside the Glock gun case was a 40 caliber Glock 27. The Glock had one loaded magazine in it,” the officer said.

Next to the firearm were two loaded magazines; a total of 20 bullets were recovered where Braun was sitting. Police found out that Braun is a convicted felon and not allowed to have a firearm.

Braun told the police that the homeowner provided him with her firearm for protection while running her Cajun food truck business. Braun stated that when he went into her bedroom to get the cashbox, the owner left the firearm on top of it for him to take.

But then, according to the affidavit, Braun changed his story a few times about where he found the gun.

Braun was charged with Felony Grand Theft of Firearm, two counts of Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon, and Petit Theft.

On the way to the Indian River County Jail, Braun made multiple concerning spontaneous utterances.

“[The owner] better pay him when he gets out or there will be problems, he was going to ‘burn her house down’ and [the owner] ‘messed with the wrong mother fu****,'” police said.

Braun then stated he was going to contact the owner after he bonded out. Braun is still being held on a bond of $150,500 at the Indian River County Jail.

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