Sebastian Family Pleads for Help to Find Missing Ferret ‘Detective Munch’

Detective Munch
Detective Munch

A Sebastian family is pleading for help in finding their family’s 5-month-old ferret. They had family visiting over the weekend with their ferret, Detective Munch, and he got loose and is now missing.

Detective Munch was last seen Saturday, June 5th, on Delmonte Rd; nearby roads include Aspen St, Dickens Ave, Dock Ave, and Delaware Ave. 

He’s very friendly and will not bite, according to the family. 

“Please check your garage, perimeter of your house, in and under sheds. Munch does come to you when called. PLEASE CALL FOR HIM! He’s very friendly and will not bite! He’ll be so hungry and maybe dehydrated, stated Aubrey Humphrey on the Sebastian, Fl Facebook page.

“Ferrets are most active at dawn and dusk when they can see best. They have better hearing than dogs, and he will come to you,” Humphrey told Sebastian Daily.

Detective Munch
Detective Munch


  • Colors: grey/white 
  • Size: 1.5 lbs (about 10” long)

Sadly, ferrets don’t have a “homing instinct” like cats and dogs; thus, he’ll need help finding his way back to his family. Detective Munch can fit through a 1-inch space. 

While they are carnivores, given his age, he eats moistened kibble. Munch is pet-friendly and not afraid of dogs or cats, as he’s raised with both. 

If you have seen Detective Munch, please call or text the Humphrey’s family immediately, day or night, at (772) 257-9633.

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