Man Needing Ride In Vero Beach Gets His Wish With Police

A Vero Beach man was arrested after he flagged down police looking for a ride.
A Vero Beach man was arrested after he flagged down police looking for a ride.

VERO BEACH – A Vero Beach man looking for a ride got his wish when he flagged down deputies from the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office and was arrested on charges of a felony possession controlled substance and drug paraphernalia.

Richard Farb, a 38-year-old chef, was looking for a ride when he flagged down a deputy. Luckily for Farb, the deputy agreed to give him a ride.

As standard procedure, Farb was asked if he could be searched before getting into the officer’s vehicle, and he advised “yes,” according to the report.

Upon the search, the deputy found a crack pipe that contained a burnt chorboy on one end and a pill bottle. One of the pills was identified as a schedule 2 controlled substance.

Farb said his aunt dropped it on the floor and he picked it up and placed it in his pill bottle.

Deputies arrested Farb and gave him a ride to the Indian River County Jail in Vero Beach where he was charged. He has since made bail.

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