Man Claims Energy In ‘Hands’ Will Turn Girls Into Women

A Palm Bay man has been arrested at a Florida college campus.
A Palm Bay man has been arrested at a Florida college campus.

SEBASTIAN – A Palm Bay man has been arrested for Battery after his odd advances at a state college campus went way too far, according to Palm Bay Daily.

Timothy Joseph Rice, 19, told police that he has energy in his hands that can turn a girl into a woman at the Eastern Florida State College.

Police received a call from the campus after a female student complained of Rice’s odd advances.

Rice told officers that he grabbed the female student so that he could turn her into a woman. Neither Rice or the victim knew each other before the odd encounter.

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The man told the student several times that he wanted to make love to her, but using explicit words. He started touching her, and she slapped him a few times before reporting him to Armed Officers that patrol the school.

Rice was arrested and is still currently at the Brevard County Jail.

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